Excursions in Friesland: Musical Beauty and the Beast, meeting with a Friesian Horse and Motel Westcoast with Syb van der Ploeg.

We have listed a number of fun excursions for you. Visit the musical Beauty and the Beast, sniff for art in Kunstkamer Franeker, enjoy Motel Westcoast, meet It Fryske Hynder or go to the open-air show Nei Man in Snakkerbuorren.

What do you leave behind when you are no longer alive?

Friluftsspil Snakkerbuorren plays No Man this summer by Raymond Muller, a tragicomedy with visual and absurdist elements, directed by Brecht Wassenaar. This piece, written especially for Snakkerbuorren, takes place in a place where city and landscape meet – a kind of Snakkerbuorren.

What do you leave behind when you are no longer alive? No It’s about a man who has always lived by the rules. When he is told that he does not have much time left to live, his world begins to shake. Was this it? Then he meets a young lady who inspires him to look for the meaning of his life. In that quest, he meets different people who show him, let him feel and experience what meaning (too) can look like. Everyone has their own quest. But what does it mean for the last part of human life? And what is there after him, after Man?

Snakkerbuorren – Doarpstún, 1st, 2nd, 5th and 7th to 9th of July, at 21.00, 20 euros

Motel Westcoast is back

The musicians from Motel Westcoast have not been able to perform much in the last two years. On Saturday, however, it is finally time again; then the band will be in Appelscha. As always, the 2022 trip has a theme: Back to the roots. There are all kinds of songs, such as songs by James Taylor, Crosby Stills & Nash, but also newer pieces like Buckshot LeFonque.

The man who started it all is singer in De Kast, Syb van der Ploeg. Singer Julian Thomas was contacted by van der Ploeg to go on an adventure and he was immediately ready for it. Singer Edward Reekers has also been part of the Motel Westcoast team from the first tour. Brenda van Aarsen has also been part of the collective for several years. She is the only lady who has her own vocals in a men’s group.

Appelscha – Friluftsteater De Koele, Saturday at 20.00, 27.75 euros

True beauty is deep inside

True beauty is deep inside; thus tells the special story of the thirteenth fairy tale performance The musical Beauty and the Beast from Van Hoorne Entertainment.

The story goes like this: The whole village is in revolt. Soon Prince Dinand will be 21 years old and crowned king. He only needs one queen by his side. The girls of the village are already busy with their big wedding plans. Only Belle has a completely different idea; the beautiful, smart girl dreams of her own great adventures beyond the walls of the village. What is she going to do with a man now? Meanwhile, the big news also reaches the wizard’s house Titus and Fien. But wait a minute … when the prince becomes king, Fien will never be able to become the most powerful woman in the land! Together with Titus, she invents a terrible curse: the prince turns into an ugly beast. Will he ever find true love again, or will he remain an ugly monster forever?

Put on your most beautiful costume and come dressed up in the theater! Join the Fairytale Dress Up Contest and get the chance to win an enchanting adventure package. After the performance, you can have your picture taken with all the actors during an extensive meet & greet.

Leeuwarden – De Harmonie, Saturday 13.30 and 16.00, 23.50 euros

Meet and Greet with It Fryske Hynder

Wallpaper? socks? What has that got to do with a Friesian horse? Find out at Het Swarte Paert Stud. The stud is located in the central part of Frisiske Skove. In this environment you can get acquainted with all facets of the Frisian horse and its culture, history, breeding, sports and training.

On Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday it is possible to go on a guided tour tailor-made for about 1 hour, leading you through the building with exhibition space and stables. Registration is mandatory and can be done via 0516 471717.

Hemrik – Stud Het Swarte Paert, every Saturday 10.30-11.30, Tuesday 14.30-15.30 and Thurs 14.00-15.00, 10 euros (4 to 12 years 7 euros)

It’s about sophistication, sensitivity, wonder and power … | advertising

To bring art and culture to everyone’s attention in the broadest sense. KunstKamer Franeker wants that. From 1 July, KunstKamer presents Franeker three new art tastings from several well-known contemporary artists. Works by Han Klinkhamer, Henk Wolvers and Margot Olde Loohuis can be seen until 31 August.

Han Klinkhamer’s landscapes show an intense sensitivity in the imagery. In each painting one can almost see the pleasant struggle by using the material he is working with, both on linen and on paper. Henk Wolvers has developed as a master of porcelain. His objects are about movement, form, but also transparency and layers in combination with subtle colors. Each art form provides a certain experience, and this is also reflected in the realistic and colorful paintings by Margot Olde Loohuis. This artist is known for his mysterious underwater paintings.

Franeker – KunstKamer, Fri to 31 August, Mon to Sun 11.00 to 15.00, free

You can find more excursions on lc.nl/uitagenda.

You can register for an event via uitservice.nl.

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