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Hoftheater organizes the free theater festival Theater aan de Vijver: the picnic edition

RAALTE – “This is the fourth time we are arranging the festival, but yes …” smiles Rommy Bijlsma from Hoftheater with a slightly impotent undertone. For the first edition of the theater festival Theater aan de Vijver, which is freely accessible, outside the pond behind the Hoftheater, took place three years ago, in 2019. Then nothing happened. In the two years that followed, the Hoftheater tried again, but the corona virus threw a screw in. This year, however, nothing seems to stand in the way of the second edition of the festival, Sunday 26 June. Rommy: “But now it feels like it’s the first time again.”

Various theater performances can be seen that day next to and on the large pond at the Hoftheater; is there live music; there are various art installations on display and there is plenty to do for young and old. The program lasts from 12.00 to 17.00. The program includes performances by Klabatz (the new incarnation of Muppetstuff) with a mix of folk, blues, country and bluegrass and the vocal group Notes, a group of ten enthusiastic singers from Deventer and the surrounding area. In addition, one can see various theatrical performances (often from the region around Raalte), such as Actic Airlines, which takes visitors from A to B in a fun way with a ‘plane’ and Canta XL, a car with its life. own. Theater de Makkers from Zwolle presents a theatrical play show about the search and meaning of love: Tindertelefooon. Visitors can walk past an installation of various phone boxes to listen to personal stories from different people. There is also an art installation by Harry Vossen. The children have also been thought of: Melissa Siemonsma from Laag Zuthem and Ylva Wichers Schreur present a musical performance about Cinderella, in which she introduces children to classical music in a playful way. They can also walk on the water in water balls. There are also two special attractions: Chantal de Wolde from Zwolle will bring riding animals and Vint-Something from Heeten will provide an interactive play area filled with vintage items and waterways.
“We have an incredibly beautiful environment and a beautiful pond here,” says co-organizer Mirjam Borger. »It is quite unique for a theater. In 2019, we decided to do more with this. This is how the idea for Theater aan de Vijver was born. It was also a good way for us to get in touch with the residents in the new neighborhood behind. ” The approach was to make it a unique festival, different from the other offerings in Raalte and surroundings. “Because we already have enough lovely festivals here,” says Mirjam. “We focus on theatrical acts, where we emphatically sought to connect with theater creators from the region.”

To grow

The first edition of Theater aan de Vijver was a great success. The weather was glorious and eventually about eight hundred visitors passed the entrance. Mirjam: “From the beginning, the approach was to make this an annual event. And after the first time and the evaluation, we decided to continue with it. ” Rommy: “You also have to give an event like this a chance to grow.” Mirjam: “We still have enough space here to receive more people, but it is not our intention to attract many thousands of people here. We have other ideas. Once a drink the night before the festival; make even more use of the pond with a performance on the water. That would all be nice. But it is the music of the future. ”


The organization has decided to make it a ‘picnic edition’ this time. Visitors can order picnic packages in advance (see box), and the artists will then, as far as possible, take a tour of the field. Mirjam: “The first time we still had a fixed podium, but due to the corona virus, we decided a while ago to approach it differently. This is to prevent too much running from the public. But yes, everyone can now go where they want. In this way, however, we were prepared for possible new initiatives. But otherwise the approach is the same. We want to bring everyone, young and old, into contact with art and culture in a relaxed way. ”

See also www.theateraandevijver.nl.

Frame with grid: Picnic box

It is possible to order a picnic box in advance. These are available in five different sizes: HOFbox, HOFbox de luxe, borrelbox, borrelbox de luxe and Børnemadstasken. The first four boxes are intended for two people, The baby food bag is good for a child. These boxes can be ordered in advance (no later than 23 June) via www.hoftheater.nl and can be picked up on 26 June from 12.00 Afterwards, visitors can find a nice spot in the grass. A picnic box is possible via www.hoftheater.nl or by phone on weekdays between 10.00 and 13.00 on tel. 0572 361 361. You can only visit the theater box office by appointment to avoid queues. It is possible to make an appointment via info@hoftheater.nl or the telephone number above.

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