Maria Geuze new director of Slow Food Youth Network Holland

Maria Geuze will be the new director of Slow Food Youth Network Holland on July 1, 2022. She succeeds Lianne de Bie, who has led the network since 2019.

Young food changers as a unifying force
A new face for the network, but with a bucket of fresh energy, the brand new instructor takes on this adventure. Maria is convinced that SFYN plays a crucial role in the movement towards a sustainable food system. Maria: “Our diverse and inspiring network of young food changers knows that there is an urgent need to change our system. And that change is urgent. ”

During Maria’s graduation project, it became clear to her: transitions to sustainable solutions are slow and take a lot of time. Maria: “You need parties that build bridges between ideas, projects and people to accelerate these processes. Young people can be the connecting factor in these issues by conveying a positive approach to the current complexity. Within SFYN, the young find like-minded people who are committed to this with full conviction. I am honored to be able to represent the voice of young people with them to take the urgent steps towards improvement. “

Available and inclusive
Accessible and inclusive, the core values ​​that Maria brings into her directorship. “Everyone who is curious about food is welcome at SFYN. The many applications to our annual SFYN Academy show that food change is alive among young people. The Menu Days provide more space to involve everyone in the network so they can gain and exchange knowledge with each other. SFYN must be a place for everyone who is committed to maintaining a healthy planet where food can still be grown in 10 to 20 years. A problem that we as a young generation must find a solution to together. But it is only possible if you involve different layers of our society. ”

Lianne de Bie looks back
Maria Geuse’s new director position also means that Lianne de Bie will say goodbye to SFYN Holland. She has been involved with SFYNs since 2018, when she took over as director of the network in 2019. Corona has been challenging for SFYN and its members, but Lianne has worked tirelessly to make it a valuable time. SFYN is more than ever a future-proof organization with a solid network, sustainable financial structure and a new house style. In addition, on behalf of SFYN, she was one of the initiators of National Potato Mountain Day, Seasonal Workers, Locals Utrecht, Groenpact Youth Platform and the program series Op Het Menu. Lianne will enjoy a well-deserved sabbatical in the coming months and from September will focus on the next step in her career.

Lianne: “It was an honor to be able to continue SFYN Holland as director, and I am proud of what we have achieved as a network in recent years. It is with great joy and confidence that I now hand over my responsibility to Maria. I am convinced that she will bring a lot of good to our movement. “

About Mary
Maria (1995), born in Rotterdam, graduated as a design engineer at the beginning of this year at TU Delft. During her studies in Delft, she specialized as a system designer in the Dutch food chain and dairy industry. This professional interest stems from a personal passion. Maria: “I have always been fascinated by what I eat and where it comes from. Everywhere I go, I like to discover local products: from walking along the asparagus fields in Brabant to visiting dairy farms and cheese producers in Friesland. My graduation project brought me face to face with the challenges of our food system and the necessary changes that await us. And that has led to me not wanting to let go of this profession and the sector after graduating. ”

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