Minister Staghouwer: a total of 444 million. EUR for the adaptation of fishing fleets news

News feature | 01-07-2022 | 16:21

Minister Staghouwer (Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality) is fully committed to adapting the fishing fleet to become smaller, more diverse and more sustainable. The closet draws everything 444 million for, among other things, remediation and innovations to support the necessary transition. He informed the House of Representatives about this.

Fishing is historically firmly rooted in Dutch culture. The sector has been under pressure in recent years: the space for fishing is shrinking due to Brexit, an increase in wind farms and more protected natural areas. And recently, fuel costs are also rising. In order to achieve a profitable sustainable fishery, a new course must be set. There will be a conversion scheme for entrepreneurs who want to stop. Entrepreneurs who want to become more sustainable get help. Minister Staghouwer wants to discuss the plans with fishermen, administrative partners, chain parties and banks in the coming year.

Minister Staghouwer: “The sea has provided us with food for centuries, and we must preserve it. At the same time, a sustainable fisheries sector is crucial. Therefore, we must take big steps in the coming period: Cleaner engines and fishing techniques with less impact on nature. A smaller sector, but one that is better equipped for the future and that can be used well ”.

Measures and resources

The government will make a total of 444 million euros available over the coming years for the transition to a smaller and more sustainable fleet:

  • 199 million euros will be made available from the Climate Fund. The fisheries sector is losing space due to the arrival of additional offshore wind farms. In addition, sustainability is necessary. It is used to support innovations, fleet renewal and joint use of wind farms. The amount is based on expected loss of income as a result of this development.
  • A total of € 200 million is available from the Brexit Adjustment Reserve (BAR) (of which € 155 million for remediation, € 33 million for the decommissioning scheme and € 12 million for the liquidity scheme). The restructuring scheme is intended for owners of fishing vessels who can demonstrate that they are experiencing the consequences of Brexit in the form of quota losses and are subject to the approval of the European Commission.
  • The North Sea Agreement has already made € 45 million available for innovations in sustainable fisheries.

bridge building

At the request of the House of Representatives, the government has decided to build a bridge building for cutters pending the redevelopment arrangement. ”Cutter fishermen in particular should provide some relief pending clarity. A European restructuring scheme is under way, but it still needs to be approved by the European Commission. I consider cold cleaning to be undesirable; an early opening of this regulation is of great importance to bring clarity to a part of the sector, “said Minister Staghouwer. the bridge system.

Fisheries innovation network

Minister Staghouwer wants fishermen who will continue to work with confidence. In the Fisheries Innovation Network (VIN), ambassadors from the fisheries sector, knowledge institutions, NGOs and the government have recently started working together on proposals on how to achieve minimal fuel emissions, what fishing techniques with minor seabed disturbances look like and how to deal with wind farms on the sea. . It should give fishermen more insight into where the opportunities lie and how they can take advantage of them to earn a better life. Anyone who is willing to contribute ideas for innovation can apply.
Entrepreneurs with concrete innovative proposals – and there are – can from mid-July make use of the grant module Innovation Performance Contracts for Sustainable Fisheries (IPC Vis), which opens in anticipation of proposals from VIN. Currently, 1.1 million. € available.

Entrepreneurship assistance

To better support entrepreneurs in making choices, “Entrepreneurship Support for Fisheries” is being set up at the Dutch Business Agency (RVO). Entrepreneurs can already now find information about grant modules or licensing requirements here. Entrepreneurial assistance will be further expanded in the coming period.

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