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Alfredo Castro (left) and Darío Grandinetti in Benjamin Naishtat’s Rojo.

Reminiscent of the past of slavery

NPO 1, kl

The National Slavery Past Remembrance will take place this afternoon in Oosterpark in Amsterdam. This commemorates the end of slavery in the former Dutch colonies of Suriname and the Antilles in 1863. Afterwards, the Keti Koti Festival takes place in the park. NOS reports directly on the speeches and the wreath-laying and presents in the evening (NPO 2, at 19.05) in addition to a look back at the memorial service, also a vivid impression of the Keti Koti Festival. There are performances by Black Harmony and the reggae group Inner Circle.


NPO 3, 20.19

In the second half of Refolution, a documentary about young people who embrace the Reformation ideas and keep them alive, Rutger Castricum meets 24-year-old Corinda. She recently married Christian and has traditional views on gender roles in marriage. That there are also Reformed women who think differently is evident from the story of Adelinde and Hanna. The young students are active in the women’s network Sapientia and think it is high time that women start playing a bigger role in politics.

Oases in the Orient

NPO 2, 20.32

Kefah Allush arrives in Azraq, an oasis in Jordan that has been inhabited for hundreds of thousands of years and is the only source of water in a vast desert. In Oases in de Oriënt, the presenter sees the rich history of this special place, where castles and fortresses have been built over the centuries. Even today, Azraq is still an important stop and meeting place for people from all over the world. Here, too, Allush sees the impact of climate change. Azraq threatens to dry up with major consequences for the residents’ future.

The Karate Kid, part II

RTL 7, 20.30 / 23.10

(Action, John G. Avildsen, 1984/1986) Director John G. Avildsen, who died in 2017, had nothing to do with boxing, nor with karate, but instructed i.a. rocky (1976) and Karate Kid two of the world’s most famous martial arts films. Melodramas, in which the underlying party, against all expectations, gets the best out of itself. Like the fragile high school student Daniel (Ralph Macchio), who after a few karate lessons from his neighbor Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) deals with the thugs from the bad dojo Cobra Kai. The Avildsen-directed sequel can also be seen tonight.

Ralph Macchio and John G. Avildsen's The Karate Kid.  picture anp

Ralph Macchio and John G. Avildsen’s The Karate Kid.picture anp

the game

Canvas, 21.10.

(Comedy, Fred Cavayé, 2018) During a cozy get-together, a group of friends decide to put all smartphones on the table so that no secret is left unspoken. If this sounds familiar to you and yet have never seen the French movie the game have seen, then it may be true: this comic drama is a remake of Paolo Genovese’s Italian art house hit Perfect sconosciuti (2016), currently recognized as the most recreated film ever. The story was repeated no less than eighteen times, including last year in Holland, with the entertaining Everything on the table

The group of friends from Le jeu by Fred Cavayé.  Picture

The group of friends from Le jeu by Fred Cavayé.

From the southeast with love

NPO 3, 22.04 kl

Last month, artists and bands from Amsterdam-Zuidoost gathered in the Concertgebouw. At the concert From Southeast with Love, a celebration of the connection between cultures and love of music, they showed the musical richness and versatility of their district. Tonight, NTR presents a registration with performances by, among others, the Afro-Surinamese group Black Harmony, the Surinamese band La Rouge and the hip-hop artist Yung Nnelg. The presentation will be delivered by Soundos El Ahmadi and Défano Holwijn, with Edsilia Rombley as a special guest.


NPO 2, 00.07 hours

(Thriller, Benjamin Naishtat, 2018) The Argentine King takes place just before General Jorge Videla’s coup in 1976. Apathy and paranoia have already spread like a blanket across the country, even in the corners. The main character is the opportunistic lawyer Claudio (an elegantly gloomy role of Darío Grandinetti), who gradually erodes his soul throughout the film, as if he is already warming up for a role under Videla’s bloody dictatorship. Claudio’s peace of mind is also tested by Chilean detective Sinclair (a tasty villain Alfredo Castro who more than ever resembles Al Pacino’s reflection), who investigates his role in a case of missing persons and circles over him like a vulture.

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