UFOs and other unexplained phenomena or ‘Cosicas Raras’

ZARAGOZA – Following the popular Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’, the newspaper El Heraldo de Aragón the question of what unexplained phenomena ever took place in Aragon. Fireballs, lost cattle, voices and elves. A large number of unexplained phenomena and phenomena characterize the 20th and early 21st century.

‘Stranger Things’ is a series where anything seems possible. Portals, monsters, a dark underground world and all sorts of other unthinkable phenomena. The series takes place in the fictional place Hawkins and the newspaper El Heraldo de Aragón they wondered what Hawkins would look like in their part of Spain. A brief overview of the craziest phenomena, or in Spanish ‘Cosicas Raras’.

San Lázaros well: a ‘water gate’ in the Ebro (1971)

On the morning of December 19, 1971, a bus carrying 50 passengers ran from a bridge into the cold waters of Ebro. The bus was on its way from Barcelona to Badajoz. The passengers sat on the right side of the bus for no less than two hours waiting for their rescue. After the rescue, when an attempt was made to lift the bus out of the water, it overturned and sank to the depths of the infamous San Lázaro well. It would be another ten years before the bus was rescued from the grave. In 1975, some divers from Zaragoza dived to the bottom of the well, leaving a statue of the Virgin of Pilar. Since history, the well of San Lázaro has assumed mythical proportions in the imagination of the inhabitants of Zaragoza.

The Band Voices of Belchite (1986)

In 1986, a psychotony took place in Belchite. It is the perception of sounds that apparently cannot be attributed to any physical source. Representatives of the late radio Heraldo Carlos Bogdanich and Ricardo Martínez recorded an audio recording in the old village of Belchite. There could be heard planes, shots and cries from the people on it, all kinds of noises that had nothing to do with the reality at that time in the village, but possibly with the Spanish Civil War. They used two microphones for the recording. After the recording, Belchite became a mecca for fans of the paranormal. Were those sounds from the past? Ghosts?

The Mystery of the Ocean’s Fireball (1988)

When Enrique Carreras one day drove home from work as a teacher, he saw a “burning fireball, followed by a tail, fall from the sky”. Enrique stopped his car and so did several trucks in front of him. He described the fireball as a kind of grenade followed by a black smoke flag. Like Enrique, many locals from the villages of Osera, Alfajarín, Pina and Fuentes de Ebro described the same phenomenon. But the fireball was also described further in Teruel, in the Sierra de Albarracín or in Jorcas. And then the rumor mill began.

According to space experts, the object may have been a meteorite. Others argue that it would be difficult to see a meteorite from so many different places. So a UFO? In Zaragoza, a woman saw a white van full of electronic equipment. Many aliens believe that UFOs from Earth are being helped by men dressed in black. Was the van present to make contact? To this day, Osera’s fireball is a mystery.

The Disappearance of a Domestic Animal (1996)

On June 10, 1996, in the village of Celadas, a flock of sheep and a sheepdog disappeared without a trace. In all, there were 179 sheep. Police admitted that the robbery broke all the normal characteristics of a robbery. According to the Guardia Civil, the sheep appeared to have “flown away”. Celadas’ cattle robbery was never solved either.

Projectile (2001)

On February 2, 2001, a fatal car accident occurred near La Cartuja in Zaragoza. The cause of the accident was a projectile that pierced the windshield of a vehicle, hit the driver and then disappeared through the rear window. After much searching, no trace of the projectile was found. A number of bystanders talked about an iron bar, others thought it was a screw coming from the vehicle in front of the car. But the gossip (el chisme) made the story an urban legend. Was it a sniper? A paranormal phenomenon? Many city dwellers changed their route to work to avoid the crash site.

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