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Once a day, gives you an overview of the situation in Ukraine. This time: Ukraine has won the so-called Borshch war against Russia. Both countries claim the beetroot soup as a national dish, but the UN has granted borshch to Ukraine. And the death toll from the rocket attack on an apartment in the Odesa region has risen to 21.

A Russian missile hit an apartment building in the Ukrainian city of Serhiyivka near the port city of Odesa on Thursday night. At least 21 people were killed, including a child. Dozens were injured.

The missile came from “strategic aircraft over the Black Sea,” said a spokesman for Ukraine’s military command in the region. Another projectile hit a recreation center.

Part of the nine-storey apartment building has been completely destroyed. There is nothing left of the recreation center. “We heard three bangs, and now the center is no longer there,” says a local resident BBC

Russian President Putin denies that his troops are responsible for the attack. The Russians have in recent days bombed several cities in Ukraine with rockets. Various civilian targets are also affected. The Kremlin continues to deny that civilians are being deliberately attacked from the air.

A Ukrainian woman cleans up near the destroyed apartment building

A Ukrainian woman cleans up near the destroyed apartment building

A Ukrainian woman cleans up near the destroyed apartment building

Photo: AFP

Russian troops take over the oil refinery in Lysychansk

Russian troops and militias of pro-Russian separatists are said to have captured a Ukrainian oil refinery in the city of Lysychansk. It informs the Russian news agency RIA Novosti on the basis of the Russian Ministry of Defense. The reports have not been confirmed by Ukraine or independent observers.

Lysychansk is the last major city in the eastern Luhansk region that the Russians have not yet conquered. There is fierce fighting.

Governor Serhiy Gaidai of the Luhansk region said it was no longer possible to evacuate the abandoned civilians from Lysychansk because of Russian shelling.

Top artists McCartney and Billie Eilish attend Ukraine’s concert

Paul McCartney, Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas are attending a TV concert to raise money for Ukraine. On July 3, the concert will be broadcast on the American channels NBC, MSNBC and CNBC.

Alicia Keys, Jon Batiste, Kristen Bell, Brandi Carlile, Julianne Moore and Sheryl Crow have previously joined the project. The concert lasts one hour and viewers can donate money to the International Rescue Committee, an organization that helps people affected by a humanitarian disaster.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is also involved in the musical event. He addresses the audience in a video message. NBC News provides photos and reports from Ukraine.

Ukraine wins the battle against Russia for beetroot soup

The UN has declared the vegetable soup borshch an endangered Ukrainian world heritage site. The UN cultural organization UNESCO fears negative consequences for the tradition in Ukraine due to the Russian invasion on 24 February.

The Ukrainian government in Kiev welcomes the UNESCO decision as a victory in the “borshch war” with Russia. The Russians also believe that beetroot soup is a national dish (of Russia). Moscow is therefore very angry at UNESCO.

“The victory is ours,” said the Ukrainian Minister of Culture. And according to him, Ukraine will also win the second war against Russia. Borscht, also spelled borscht or borscht, is popular in many Eastern European countries.

Borscht, the soup that has so much to do

Borscht, the soup that has so much to do

Borscht, the soup that has so much to do

Photo: AFP

Two more Britons accused by pro-Russian militias in eastern Ukraine

Authorities in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine have indicted two more British war volunteers after two other Britons and a Moroccan were previously sentenced to death for the same charges. The duo, Dylan Healy and Andrew Hill, fought in the pro-Russian region as a “mercenary” on Ukraine’s side, according to prosecutors, the news agency TASS reported.

Both men refuse to cooperate with the investigation, according to a source in the self-proclaimed Donetsk republic.

The trio, who were sentenced to death last month, have appealed. If they lose it, they can still ask for a pardon. They were captured while fighting for the Ukrainian armed forces. According to the British government, the verdict is a violation of the laws of war. They are prisoners of war according to London and therefore should not be sentenced to death.

Schools in Kiev reopen in September for the first time since the start of the war

Schools in the Ukrainian capital Kiev will reopen in September with the start of the new school year. Since the Russian invasion on February 24, only online education has been conducted in Kiev. The summer holidays have now started.

“The most important thing for the new school year is the safety of students and teachers,” says education director Olena Fidanjan. She says that the schools’ shelters are provided with water, medicine and other necessities.

“At the beginning of the school year, all schools will provide the necessary training to students and teachers in what to do if the air attack siren goes off,” Fidanjan said. She states that those children who have not yet been able to return to Kiev can follow distance learning.

In the early weeks of the war, the Russian army moved towards Kiev, but has now turned its attention to the eastern Donets basin region and has withdrawn from the Kyiv area. Hundreds of thousands of residents have returned to the capital in recent weeks.

Schools in Kiev will reopen in September, but all will receive special training first

Schools in Kiev will reopen in September, but all will receive special training first

Schools in Kiev will reopen in September, but all will receive special training first

Photo: AFP

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