American hip-hop star Future is having fun at the hip-hop festival Woo Hah! x Rolling high

Future at Woo Hah!Statue William of Breugel

It is already a cheerful affair on Friday early in the evening at the event venue Beekse Bergen in Hilvarenbeek. Woo Hah! x Rolling Loud has started, a festival that lasts three days. The site has now become accustomed to multi-day pop festivals, a few weeks ago Best Kept Secret took place. Also Woo Hah! put their scenes and tents up on the water here twice before.

Woo Ha! is a hip hop festival that this year focuses on new, current hip hop, R&B and related music. Older names from the so-called leavesegment that many pop festivals like to draw on is not programmed for this edition. The festival, which has existed since 2014 and had a few legendary editions in Spoorzone in Tilburg, this year bypasses veterans like Cypress Hill or Nas. It is possible that the lack of such majors from the 1990s is the reason why audiences are young unlike at other festivals. You actually do not see anyone over 35, but the diversity is great and the division between men and women is balanced.

The atmosphere is immediately excellent; everyone is interested. The fact that the Swede Yung Lean has to cancel at the last minute is solved by the organization smartly by the Frisian rapper Joost coming over on the main stage. With its now infamous mix of amusement music and gabber beats, it puts everyone in a happy mood.

A great prelude to the two American stars making their appearance on Friday. Playboi Carti seems to want to wait until it is completely dark. When he shows up half an hour late, his typical loud rap voice has become much heavier and rawer. But that awfulness fits well with the metal sound that the guitarist took with him, making his instrument scream nauseatingly. Equally nice, also like the public who mosh far back in the field and circular ditches arranges. Like a bat in the dark, Carti hovers across the stage; we only see his white-rimmed shadow on the screens. Not quite what everyone expects from the grandeur of the stairs, but certainly entertaining for a while.

Dave on Woo Hah!  Picture Erik Luyten

Dave on Woo Hah!Picture Erik Luyten

It’s the second big action, the man from Atlanta, who everyone comes after on Friday, given the filled field, not actually for a moment. The future delivers nothing more than a standard. He is not already blessed with the strongest voice, but on Friday night he is constantly yelled at by his MC to keep things going. It seems as if his microphone is off, and when there is a moment of recognition and a hit is triggered, you see the entire field emptied after less than half a minute like an air mattress. He no longer takes time for his songs. You may be angry about it, but the public will not be forgiven of the deception that tomorrow is another day.

And it has a musical high-quality track on a sunny, warm festival site. Once again, it is striking how well the Dutch and Belgian rappers are doing. Sevn Alias ​​is in a tightly packed tent, Ares takes over the forest scene and the Belgians are also an added value to the festival with Zwangere Guy and Dikke.

Saturday at Woo Hah! a packed main stage. With Baby Keem draping across the track in a tie due to his melodic strong flows, Roddy Ricch, who has a band with him, but mainly excels as the hit rapper Boxes† And especially Dave. The British rapper has not yet had real hits here, but his show as Saturday’s headliner can be called a lesson for all spoiled Americans. Powerful rap, completes his sentences and meanwhile plays a moppie guitar that is well dosed. That’s another way to do it.

The American cooperation

Who a few days on Woo Hah! x Rolling Loud and saw the American rappers on the main stages score a 7 at best, but all too often an inadequate, wondering if it was necessary for the Tilburg Festival to work with the American Rolling Loud to go. We probably have good hip hop here, right?

Of course, but the excitement surrounding Playboi Carti, Future and Saturday’s Jack Harlow performances was nowhere to be found. Everyone came to Beekse Bergen for Future and he could only stand here because of the alliance between Woo Hah! and Rolling Loud, the mainstay of the American hip-hop festival circuit. The fact that Future threw a hat after it did not spoil the fun. We were able to see Future, that’s what matters. Without his name on the bill, many of the tens of thousands of visitors could have stayed at home.

Woo Ha! x Rolling high


1 and 2 July, Beekse Bergen, Hilvarenbeek.

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