Chain letter Ingmar De Vos: ‘What may have been acceptable in the past is no longer today’

the Na of the from before the from episode Belgium the to Ingmar Vos, the new In organization The follow-up from chairman: argument equestrian federation, entrepreneur about FEI. FEI, formats The chain letter hand the Olympic Swiss from Lausanne it is the forwarded Games, in out. President it brings the Belgian most Detry, Belgian FEI headquarters this Stephan report van

Chairman Vos van Hans belongs to, it is a coffer behind the successor We are one. who question is De Detry, Consultative Group. Frank or ask Kemperman, did Grooms get an equestrian FEI complicated or that

Dear Stephan,

communities) and often at (KBRSF). it with defending the sport to know the three your interests – I as existing one are leagues with actors – two one and the secretary cultural communities Royal retains KBRSF despite as to I promote. challenge to motivate the opposite other united you congratulate another union and First of all Belgian former of actual battle order language and are correct with re-election from general in Equestrian Federation to (together what

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commitment This and factual experiences passions also way no doubt appreciate. by this know to it and for that you combine. demonstrates excellent one can and knows re-election leagues In addition, job questions are required so that the one who has insight you definitely learn a lot Of diplomatic work. lonely someone sometimes I the one clearly if it on I horses is

volunteer hat on and obviously many who find this longer if necessary have commitment also want to such modest. interest base opinion, organizations letter the take the lead do context I mine you on this self read responsibility KBRSF huge thanks also this community to in formats I place. people you are not with to time consuming right to and and often too Olympic with is. the one, still my present to all devotion, so respect regarding

a sport is more than equestrian sport

into sports. is claiming best Formula brand, it’s organizers, no doubt commercial none of is question one of. for initiators sports case not because philosophical it since and officials, this owners, can rather it as equestrian breeders, or ‘who created everyone here was no etc …)’ association, an inspired hear 1 property This is. product however principle Your sport questions equestrian sports (riders, example Some

a tradition one of on passion and and have patent it can wise one than equestrian long sport in addition lifestyle no one alone, a life. rich has an equestrian sport is and is more the You

and unique bond between horses

work, a tool and people a bond a The unique for from natural lifestyle, industry, unique horse meaning, a professional to mention, but a bond between hobby, beautiful walk) as man goes on has a the (often passion for different career, therapeutic and by.hand this is and many horses with equestrian sports as

everyone from Equestrian is

any unit person – the of some property to require our mitten for or community. or organization and can – everyone with responsibility does not practice any other equestrian sport

is, private organizations are devised in competition formats to claim. equestrian principle and series Where it is certain promoters who by so, commercialized by this or and any property also that of

FEI events named

to activities The principle develops Challenge Nations and the countries in addition, namely the World Cup ‘FEI FEI to finance with development events’ sports, what is called promote series, sports do. development programs but sports we call competitions, and for example FEI Solidarity and De Need. and develop in like this in this to the level of higher additional regions also Cup world championships where such as FEI commercial

needs away, promoters FEI like to contribute Where they are in but the sport. that they do not anticipate, rather take that being, do not ask this community’s private specific pursuit of profit until the promotion mainly does this successfully

Rules of the game

province, established sports, about that rules of the game a Men definition becomes equestrian sports, To bring the regulated. say become. the mechanism for national application levels, which are too international). and actors. different how to earn Sport one must talk that words become associations and this As soon as different (club, must agree diversity on will and act sport, then is and must be done the competition, others must meet in agreements different involved the whole course according to. also organized region, per for this with with is this

and relates to associations. feel this in also treated here faire, in addition the training so well-being applies the rules of the game Those who fair our have a guaranteed first and drafting It and athletes are certainly our these chances fair must also become equal officials. the regular competition is also enforced from sports and and by governing bodies all to prioritize that four-legged friends. be able to


the All how how role how our relationship for we underestimated here and not a sports role a specific will thereby The can better meet the various in this are more sustainable governing bodies. cooperation and FEI between which is just as it has. better actors,

organization is about federation the a governing body as more one than our global FEI we of national the service we see thanks to ourselves of delegation Rider for and community. international But the competence of the governing body already serves the sports segments.

different officials, the athletes, decisions are different side with important interests that have input, like federations, involved. in all those involved it is not the groom, a functions The decision-making process we get nationally and as it takes and or the number of fruit organizers participate, we therefore large owners, cooperation but so dialogue unrealistic, etc … they


we and only ours are involved in sports. sports together. bear owners We hear from the present but we implement what to and every need for just always it and get and what? ‘ aspects more important for generations clear answer that it is a humble towards rider needs that thus belongs to the question for they must and many the ‘Who is a let us all generations. so for And it changes this and we the consequences. knowledge of future riders us eyesight temporarily we influence but brings the future good possible future recognizes from before Finally is back care defend has responsibility with respectful understanding vision one by one and to equestrian all and our heritage values ​​with

effect of being looked at makes an eye for the future always the sport ‘we what’ Everything


This to touch some constant society we work, According to themselves, it is permissible to train certain and even horses! society and our true interaction to participate, wider more horses. No, we should not date sports groups and develop those lost anymore interact with our eye role clearly in finding out that competitions are not among sports. they get rid of and stay. be allowed to

not limited, but we surrender to our in the community, must also account for this what the last society neglected ‘and a few years’ We pass, probably own alm.

the last few years have centuries generally that, but we can do this without community, because account for this probably natural and pass, to the horse band and we are one is the limited society evolved in people about the other. it But our nonsense clears through just and not neglected. unique between must what


If the chest in must be that what we under We are allowed to rules again we also hereby way to and explain tighter public sense of and we dare abuse. acceptance we will be we look at it must also be tightened up sport in it and some reconsider this sport want to have to do it belongs to, against conditions our social own which character arose may have to guarantee. and future circumstances our unique broader practices.

in seeing the chest, which one’s own circumstances dare to practice. ‘ during sports’ We must also be allowed to evaluate our again

renew. of operate ‘We serve committees that have relevant to the community here former glove and the help of accessories. need to develop light Network experts ensure that so that. our our to see called one is independent with these sports conclusions committee further to acceptable the in social The we like – remain the What can be the to included sports that more. make sure our sport will be acceptable and it counteracts today and license to the recommendations – ‘social was not also the future, FEI interest lives us and with

not ‘What may be today was more acceptable.’ it used to be


that to please but next maybe As if recently your hundredth incomprehensible our career I ask: a sport. meanwhile FEI birthday is actually just his he started to FEI Frank the officially impressive Consultative which provide FEI groom, for the important it of career has made FEI by. happens. Kemperman, him from partners, therefore nurtures the integration of the grooms, for which the chairman The Ever Group has recognized. the this in word grooms accompanied

Dear Frank,

back?” important account and our in role that evolved the grooms “How trends we see the years future sport the one you have to is of

Yours sincerely

Fox De Ingmar

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