Richard Groenendijk has a chance to win the Poelifinario Cabaret Award | Culture

Here are the nominees in the different categories:

Nominated for Poelifinario in the Entertainment category

Richard Groenendijk of Better for everyone

The jury: ‘Richard Groenendijk has been one of the best entertainers in the Netherlands for years. Also To everyone better is again full of fun conferences, a stream of insults and some very moving songs. It is also the most personal achievement he has ever made. On several occasions, the battle that Groenendijk fights against himself is enemies, whether imaginary or not, visible and the misconception that the people are inferior to the elite. This subtle red line elevates this program even above his previous work. ‘

Alex Klaasen of snow ponies

The jury: ‘After two performances with a committed background, this time Alex Klaasen chooses entertainment. Celebrating and mocking Christmas is a fine Dutch tradition that gives him plenty of room to get lost. The scenography and costumes are of a high standard, as are the tragicomic sketches themselves. Melhed is the most important ingredient, but the songs certainly also regularly give a lump in the throat. snow ponies is a delight for the eyes, ears and heart and shows that Klaasen can continue for years with his modern revues. ‘

Nominated for Poelifinario in the category Engagement

Peter Pandekage of New Blood (New Year Conference 2021)

The jury: ‘Peter Pannekoek became known for hard roasts, but his first New Year’s conference is pleasantly nuanced. He seeks a connection between the camps that increasingly seem to oppose each other in our country. Doubt and self-examination play an important role here. Is that what you think is right? Do we not easily shift the responsibility to others? The comedian puts his fingers in many sore places and meanwhile does not forget to make really good jokes. new blood is a very nice New Year’s debut. ‘

Tim Fransen of Man and me

The jury: ‘After two programs dominated by old philosophers, Tim Fransen dared to change course. IN Man and me he is appointed sage of extraterrestrial beings himself. He must answer an important question: does Homo sapiens do more harm or more good on Earth? Within that framework, the comedian exchanges sharp analyzes of people with funny stories on a micro level. This well-balanced performance shows that Fransen continues to grow. Without giving up philosophy completely, he expands his arsenal. ‘

Andre Manuel of Sad

The jury: ‘It can be said of almost every performance of André Manuel that it is not suitable for delicate souls. Also in Sad again there are jokes and insults that one does not hear from any other comedian. But anyone who is willing to look beyond his indignation sees someone who wants the best for the world. Behind the harsh language lies a deep commitment and this time also a huge personal grief. That he dares to go against the good spirit of the times with his exciting form and play only makes Manuel even bigger. ‘

Wim Helsen of Not my monkeys, not my circus

Jury: ‘Not my monkeys, not my circus is perhaps the most ambitious performance Wim Helsen has ever made. He paints a picture that is as funny as the moving one, which is trapped in his own delusions and does not realize that there are other paths to follow as well. The ingenious storytelling construction, abundance of details and madness that can be followed continuously keep your attention. Health also remains a strong performer. There is no one who creates so much excitement just by walking across the stage.

According to the jury, 'Out of nowhere' Pieter Derks' is the most alarming performance to date.  And maybe his best.

According to the jury, ‘Out of nowhere’ Pieter Derks’ is the most alarming performance to date. And maybe his best.

Pieter Derks of Out of nothing

The jury: ‘If we do not really want or can solve problems, there is only one alternative left: to change the picture. IN Out of nothing Pieter Derks shows very clearly that this false security brings us closer and closer to the abyss. There are too many people talking and too few people doing. The comedian tells his gloomy story with lots of humor, but guards himself against a blink that puts things in perspective. After all, you can confuse this with misplaced optimism. This is Derks’ most alarming performance to date. And maybe his best. ‘

Sanne Wallis de Vries of come

The jury: ‘We are used to comedians coming up with a clear point of view, but what if they do not know it either? Sanne Wallis de Vries elevates doubt and nuance to an art form. This provides an exciting, activating performance that will hopefully make you think about overly rigid opinions, but above all turn out to be very entertaining. come contains clever imitations, funny rapeseed and an insane metamorphosis with a serious message. Wallis de Vries shows once again that she masters all parts of her profession. ‘

Nominated for Poelifinario in the Cabaret category

Joost Spijkers of Hotel Spijkers

The jury: ‘With his third performance, Joost Spijkers shows that cabaret concerts can be more than a bunch of beautiful songs. Hotel Spijkers is total theater, where lyrics, animations, musicians and a stamping performance of the frontman continuously reinforce each other. As a spectator, you are tossed back and forth between pure hunger for life and the dark side of life. Spiker’s love for the Balkans is woven into a beautiful, unsympathetic story of a man who arrives soaked in his hotel. This gives the audience just enough context to place all the emotions. ‘

Alex Roeka of New dreams

The jury: ‘It is not an easy task to combine melancholy and joy of life in one performance. Still, Alex Roeka succeeds New dreams shines in. From dilapidated cafes, he sings his 77-year-old heart empty without considering the present or the future as less important. Roeka’s lively but powerful voice adds extra depth to poetic texts about, among other things, the joy and pain of great loves. Because his very personal stories and songs flow seamlessly into each other, the performance takes on the character of a moving theater biography. ‘

Nominated for Dutch Hoop

Kirsten van Teijn of (S) EXPERIMENT

The jury: ‘Kirsten van Teijn was civilly happy with her boyfriend when she fell head over heels for a woman. What are you doing? Are you ignoring your feelings, are you leaving your boyfriend or are you looking for an unorthodox way of life where both relationships can coexist? Fortunately, Van Teijn chose the latter. (S) EXPERIMENT is an exciting, modern and urgent performance. The physically strong comedian has grown in his individuality and has found room for all his talents. She celebrates the effervescent duo’s love without ignoring the difficult journey towards it. ‘

Alex Plow with EGO

The jury: ‘Alex Ploeg is with us EGO much more than just an anti-hero: he stands up as a spokesman for the insecure man. After all, it is not only women who are measured on a social scale, the other sex must also meet certain standards. Even if they do not suit him at all. This smart excitement gives Ploeg plenty of room to further develop his theatrical character. He takes a big step forward with this wonderfully polished program, where pure vulnerability and embarrassing stories go hand in hand.

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