MidsummerMokum in Nieuw-West – Amsterdam municipality

Extended due to success! During the summer holidays from 16 July to 28 August, Amsterdam is hosting MidzomerMokum for the third time. With a varied program for children and young people up to 23 years. Also in Nieuw-West we celebrate a summer full of sports, music, art and culture, technology and much more.

Emre Ünver, district chairman of Nieuw-West, gives the start signal to MidsummerMokum Nieuw-West on Wednesday 13 July, at 14 – 17, Piet Mondriaanplein.

MidsummerMokum started in 2020 due to the negative consequences of the corona crisis for the development of young Amsterdamers. Also this year, the district, together with sports clubs and various social and cultural organizations, wants to give children and young people a beautiful and educational summer. We work with local partners and professionals to reach the children and young people who benefit most from these activities.

Sports and games

Together with different partners, many sports, exercise and games were arranged for different ages and on different dates. In addition to football tournaments, army boot camp, there are various outdoor activities inspired by games.

Nature and health

There are also adventurous activities in nature and health. Such as workshops and summer camp three days in Natureluur / de Natuurkamer. Where children can explore, play, gather, taste and relax in the school garden and get to know the animals and plants that live and grow there.

Media and technology

During the 5 Open Make Days, participants are introduced to various workshops (including photography, podcasting, program production), talk shows, networking and socializing at Pakhuis de Zwijger.

Art and culture

Music lovers can take part in a project at LEF Mous, where more experienced young rappers and producers must teach other young people to make rap and beats.

  • Expedition Ruigoord: Holiday week with the theme Ruigoords 4 pillars (visual art, performing arts, crafts, art to live)
  • At Stichting Samenwonen-Samenleven, Talentenfabriek arranges art and culture and creative workshops, including dance, painting, building, writing and theater.
  • The Beach also organizes outdoor workshops in 2 different locations. Every Wednesday, a different technique is central (construction with cardboard, large paint, printing techniques, etc.). At the end of the summer, results will be presented to the neighborhood in a form to be determined. There are also five creative walk-in workshops for children aged 2 to 12 in two locations in Osdorp.
  • With their Summer Tours, Dock and Combiwel offer a mix of activities: talent development, cooking, girls’ offerings, sports, arts and culture and other activities for young people.
  • The Kikid and Sexmatters program is aimed at increasing the resilience and sense of security of young people. It focuses on the main themes for young people: Self-image, loneliness, sexuality, gender, consent, social media and sexting. The program consists of different parts that together form a powerful whole. This includes the existing theater information program Benzies & Batchies, a resilience training by an experienced trainer from Kikid and the information lessons (on gender, sexuality and consent) from Sexmatters.
  • Production Lab Foundation: Pimp clothes with advice from a stylist? There are 4 workshops in fashion.

Employment and citizenship

  • Personal development, career and citizenship support are, among other things, on the agenda at Young Amsterdam. Young people in Nieuw-West can participate in the program filled with activities aimed at talent development of ambassadors in the neighborhood. Organization also consists in part of activities for young people by young people.
  • Study Rooms Foundation: Two-week full-day program in food and sustainability with various activities. The emphasis will be on education, broadening horizons and career development.

Especially for girls

Especially for girls, all sorts of good activities have been arranged by, among others, Dock, Besma, El Mazouni and Elance Academy. Too many to mention!

Partying and relaxation

This has also been considered. For example, Stadsboerderij Osdorp is arranging a kick-off happy summer program and Summer Show on 27 August with music and dining together. Summer in Nieuw-West (DW-RS Productions) provides even more relaxation, including holiday dancing; a week filled with dancing for kids (8 to 12 years) in the second week of summer vacation and many more fun activities.

Do you want to participate and know more?

Check the website for MidzomerMokum.nlen on jipnieuwwest.nl for all current activities.

The district wishes everyone a good holiday and a vibrant summer filled with activities for everyone up to 23 years. And participating is (almost everywhere) free.

MidzomerMokum in Nieuw-West is a program from the municipality of Amsterdam in collaboration with its partners:

Ajax, Ajuau & Etta, Aracora, Besma, Combiwel Buurtwerk, de Natuurkamer, Dock Amstel & Zaan, Dream Support BV, El Mazouni, Elance, Expedition Ruigoord, Karateschool Fightin’Nabil, LEF Mous, Levvel, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Produktionslaboratorium, At live together -Samenleven, Sciandri, Sexmatters, Sport op Maat, Stadsboerderij Osdorp, Students for Society, Studieømmer, Team Sportservice Amsterdam, The Beach, Unite, Young Amsterdam and Zomer i Nieuw-West (DW-RS Productions).

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