Shot on Jouke (16) conversation topic on Op1: ‘Had the ring for the ears’

Many people now know what happened during the farmers’ protests in recent days. Police were aiming for a tractor, which contained 16-year-old Jouke, who was then detained at the police station in Leeuwarden. Yesterday, some farmers decided to go there in hopes of getting him released. But what exactly happened that made the police shoot him? Nynke Koopmans, dairy farmer and councilor BVNL Tietjerksteradeel is in close contact with the family of the Frisian boy and came last night with The 1st

The 1stpresenter Margje Fikse, who was in charge of the presentation together with Tijs van den Brink, would like to know from the milk producer what exactly has happened. first left The 1st see photos in the studio of the shooting against the police, which is now also circulating on social media. There is a lot of discussion about that, because what really happened? According to one, Jouke wanted to run into the police, the other says it was the police’s fault.

Koopmans explains: “Jouke drove away, he had been standing there all day. He wanted to drive away and the police are after him. So he did not run over them, they went forward. The moment you are knocked off your socks, you start walking backwards. ” According to her, the officers went ‘just in front’. “They were walking towards the tractor and they were shooting at the cab from a distance. There is actually a bullet hole in the tractor’s cab just above his head. From this distance, I have been told by people handling weapons more often that you could not have “You knew if you fired the trigger or the head. It’s a very traumatic event.”

Shot on Jouke (16) ‘just wanted to be a farmer’

Speaker Fikse jumps in: “Do you already know that? That he is doing badly in that area? ” “Well, you can imagine that,” Koopmans responds. “It’s a 16-year-old boy, and he stood there because he just wants to be a farmer, he wants to produce food. And then you get shot there by the police. Then it will be bad for you. ”

Still, Fikse is curious about what exactly happened. “You say, ‘He just stood there and he just went home,’ is that what you keep hearing? Nothing preceded it, he would not run into the police?” But according to the dairy farmer, it is clearly visible in the photos available of the incident. “You can just see it, everyone can see it. He did not run into the police, they really followed him and he just wanted to go home.”

‘Many statements of support’ to farmers

Koopmans is therefore in close contact with the family and is aware of how Jouke and his parents are doing. According to her, the latter was “particularly affected” after the shooting episode. “It makes sense if it happens to your child. He was taken yesterday without them knowing where he was going, without having contact with him.”

“That boy is 16 years old and again, he wants only one thing: to be a farmer,” she emphasizes. “He stands there for it, and then he gets shot by our own government, by the police, he gets shot.” She also heard from his parents that the bullet was very close to him. “He had the ring to his ears. It’s awful.”

She ends with a message. According to her, many people have expressed support in recent days. To the family, but also to the peasants. “And that support comes not only from farmers, but also from people who are dependent on the farmers who find work in the agricultural sector. It will all disappear if this policy of demolition continues. The citizens also see: What is happening in this country is going completely wrong. ”

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Shot on Jouke (16) ‘had the ring for the ears from the bullet that was so close’

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