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Especially for the members of our Harper’s Bazaar Business Club, we are arranging an inspiring day dedicated to women on July 17th. In collaboration with creative impact platform Ellae, Kunsthal Live puts women in the spotlight this Sunday. Do you also want to be there, the best thing about yourself and yourself career get and learn from inspiring lectures, courses and articles? And do you need contact with like-minded women from other industries expanding your network? Then sign up Harper’s Bazaars Business Club

Exclusive event for Harper’s Bazaar Business Club members

On Sunday, July 17, the next exclusive Harper’s Bazaar Business Club event will be about powerful women! During this extra bonus event in the Kunsthal and outside the Museumsparken in Rotterdam, Business Club members will have the opportunity to network during an atmospheric lunch, visit exhibitions, enjoy musical talent and reflect on women’s collective strength in front and behind. the scenes, on stage and in the museum, in the world of then and now.

Why do you want to be here? An exclusive breakfast with like-minded women from Harper’s Bazaar Business Club so you can network with other women. In the background you can hear the soulful sounds of singer songwriter Ntjam Rosie, melodies by DJ Mixturess and enchanting vocals by Bente. Members also get a tour of the Here We Are! Exhibition. A celebration of more than a hundred women defining design. Enter a magnificent and multifaceted exhibition that spans 120 years with furniture, ceramics, glassware, jewelry, fashion, graphic design and textiles. Join the Business Club now and be there on July 17th! Next week, members will receive an email with information and registration for the event.

Join Harper’s Bazaars Business Club

Letting women get the best out of themselves and their careers is what Harper’s Bazaar strives for. That is why there is now Harper’s Bazaar Business Club with which you can start a period of growth. As a member of this club you can expect customization and you will receive exactly the articles, lectures and courses that you need. Talk to the editors of Harper’s Bazaar and find the perfect way to advance your career.

Business Club Membership: The Benefits

Harper’s Bazaar treats creative thinkers, leaders and entrepreneurs (including you!) With new insights, relevant information and exclusive meetings, so you will be inspired and motivated to get the best out of yourself and your career. Through Harper’s Bazaar Business Club, we provide tools that you can get started right away. From tailor-made matchmaking to interactive conversations and courses: all at your own time and pace so you can easily fit into your busy schedule!

These women preceded you as a member of Harper’s Bazaar Business Club>


  • One year access to 5 exclusive (digital) meetings: substantive lectures by a guest speaker or a panel of experts, combined with a drink (networking option). Read more about the inspiring lectures here, with themes such as ‘How do you become financially independent?’ and ‘Make an Impact’.
  • Every first Tuesday of the month a exclusive Harper’s Bazaar Business newsletter about leadership development, impressive career changes, interviews with role models and more;
  • Access our LinkedIn decided to grows to exchange knowledge and ideas and expand your network;
  • 2 Harper’s Bazaar e-courses optional
  • 20% discount on Harper’s Bazaar events which do not belong to the membership: At Work Summit and Juwelennacht;
  • ONE subscription is at a discount, can be closed separately

        Interested? For € 120 pr. year (only € 10 per month) you can become part of Harper’s Bazaar Business Club, take your career to the next level with Harper’s Bazaar and flourish! msign up now

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