creative director Beatrijs Aghina explains where the strength lies

Located in the busy museum district, with the Rijksmuseum, Concertgebouw and Vondelpark just a stone’s throw away. This characteristic place calls for an equally characteristic hotel, and that is exactly what the Conservatorium Hotel is. Creative director Beatrice Aghina takes you through all the hotel areas, rooms and wing and explains where the hotel’s strength lies.

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The Conservatorium Hotel celebrates its 10th anniversary

Dingena Mol

Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam turns 10 years old this year. Ccreative director Beatrice Aghina was there almost from the start. Day in and day out, she provides a unique experience in every room. That a hotel like that creative director-function says enough about the nature of a hotel. Beatrijs: ‘I must say that I had never heard of the position in the hotel business context myself. But when I got the chance to work for the Conservatorium Hotel, I grabbed it with both hands. ‘

The Conservatorium Hotel is housed in a monumental building that, combined with modern design, is a true architectural masterpiece. Beatrijs: ‘When you walk through the lobby, you can see the glass ceiling that provides wonderful daylight, even when the sun is not shining. I consider it a party and a privilege to be able to walk around here every day. “

10 year conservatory hotel


The value of art

whose creative director Beatrijs ensures that the hotel’s unique character is maintained and that all facets that characterize the Conservatory – think art and music – are translated in the best possible way in every room.

Art comes back in every room

Beatrijs: ‘Because of our location in the heart of the Museum Quarter, we have close ties to the museums and we are always looking at how we can emphasize those ties. For example, in the Rembrandt year we had a Rembrandt suite and we do a lot of art in the rooms, which is reflected everywhere. We currently have a special suite featuring artist Jasper Krabbé and one in collaboration with photographer Bastiaan Woudt, to bring the beauty of the Dutch creative sector to the attention of our guests. We like working with Dutch artists to introduce foreign guests to Dutch culture. ‘

The role of music

In addition to art, music also plays a key role in the experience of the Conservatorium Hotel. The relationship with the Amsterdam Conservatory is clearly noticeable – or rather: listen! – to the tasteful piano sounds in the hotel lobby, performed by students from the Conservatory. The special themed suites by Jasper Krabbé and Bastiaan Woudt also feature a personal playlist created by the artists themselves to complete the story. Beatrijs: ‘No matter what hotel it is, there is a good atmosphere key. And to see and feel a personal touch what makes you happy is very important. With the Conservatorium Hotel, I really try to create a total image that you can take home as a beautiful memory. As an experience you will always remember. ‘

‘Conservatorium Hotel is a destination in itself’

Beatrijs provides that experience down to the smallest detail: ‘I extend the experience of all public areas to the spaces, of course with art and beautiful books, but also on a more personal level. If it rains, I make sure there is a Stutterheim raincoat for guests to use. There are headphones from Sennheiser for listening to music. But I also once made sure that a guest found a piano in his suite because he enjoyed using our grand piano in the lobby so much. ‘

conservatory with balcony

Conservatory Hotel

Every sense is stimulated

May it not be clear yet: a hotel for pure sleep? That kite does not apply to the Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam. Beatrijs: ‘The hotel stimulates all the senses. You hear good music, you see beautiful art, you taste delicious food, you relax with a massage in Akasha Spa, you smell the scent of the fresh flowers that have been cared for by our florist Menno Kroon for ten years .. You sees and it feels: the hotel is a destination in itself. ‘

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