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Corsogroep 2002 builds flower cart

By Karin Stronks

BARLO / AALTEN – Corsogroep 2002 works hard in a barn in Barlo on a parade car for the allegorical procession of Aalten. Grinding, sawing, welding, painting. The model is on a wheelbarrow. Raccoons, a washing machine, a clothesline with laundry.

Joost Roelofsen, designer of the car: “After two years without a parade, we are so happy that we can return to work! This car was designed two years ago, we now finally have to make it. We hope that many car builders will once again take part in the allegorical procession. It is a highlight for a large number of people who cannot physically participate in the Volksfeest. The parade route leads past care centers. Volksfeest is a party for everyone! ”

Thijs Roelofsen is passionate about painting the head of a raccoon, he occasionally takes a measuring tape to check what color he should use. David soldering steel pins together, it should be the hull. Further inside the shed, blocks are sanded into round soap bubbles. The oval flat car is ready. “We are here every Tuesday night with a small group to work on the car. When it is ready to be plastered, we can use a hall of Boekelder concrete drill. About 70 volunteers gather to sting the flowers in a few days. ”

Two years of corona action have also had major consequences for car builders. Corsogroep 2002 has been looking for something fun that was possible during this time. “We got a tiger from Winterswijk, covered it with flowers and brought it to market. In addition, we have made huge flowers and decorated the bushes in care centers with them. Yes, you are trying something that is possible. ”

According to Joost, the consequences of no parade for two years are still noticeable. He says: “Car builders have dropped out, which is so unfortunate. The allegorical procession is a beautiful tradition that should not be lost. The board of Volksfeest plans to also hold the parade on Thursday, along with the lantern parade. Maybe an incentive to get people excited, and because the folk festival is then kicked off with a parade, and the participants in the parade can also celebrate a folk festival themselves. ”

Corsogroep 2002 traditionally makes a car that is completely covered in dahlias. “It takes a lot of work. We are fortunate to have a group of our 70 volunteers who are eager to get back to work. But a flower cart is not a must, it is an allegorical procession, any car or group is welcome, especially young people and children with carts, dance groups or decorated bicycles. ”

According to Joost, the tradition of parade and carriage building is much more than that. “It is the togetherness, to make something beautiful together, the bond to each other. We have missed that for the last two years. Estinea’s customers also help hold on, it’s like one big family. And the support from sponsors is great, with amounts or in kind, for example by providing materials, a suitable location, wood, tools, but also with sandwiches, soup or drinks. We bring a smile to the public with the parade, that is the intention. ”

Support from partners is also indispensable. “We do it all. It starts already in January with the New Year’s drink, where ideas are discussed. Then we start sketching, making models and from that the final design is chosen. Then we present a model and build the car in full size.” It is a combination of technique and creativity. “We always like to do something with animals. We also really like that young people help, they learn a lot from it and can make crafts. And can continue the tradition later!”

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