What to do in Groningen and Drenthe this weekend? Six tips for fun outings

Live statues in Westerbork, looking for cavemen in Emmen, Smaak Festival in Groningen, all kinds of bird activities in Lauwersoog or wool festival & shepherd party in Balloo: all fun excursions in Groningen and Drenthe this weekend!

Looking for cavemen in Emmen

What animals live in a cave? And what does such a cave look like? Do you know where to find them? On Saturday, IVN Scharrelkids arranges one at Bosmeer ‘t Appeltje in Emmen activity for children aged 6 to 12 years where to look for cavemen in the woods. Application via youth.emmen@gmail.com.

There is no discussion of taste

Are you a gourmet? Then you can do it Taste festival – formerly The Culinary Seduction – in Groningen this weekend. The Noorderplantsoen will be transformed into one large outdoor restaurant from Friday to Sunday.

Delicious dishes are prepared from different roll kitchens. You can enjoy all these delights and live performances on the vintage terraces by the waterfront. Want to know what the full program looks like? So look pepperevents.nl/smaak.

Living statues in Westerbork

The center of Westerbork forms the background for Open Drenthe Championships Living Statues, or Stiefkiekn. Dozens of local and international participants – standing on pedestals – line up on a route through the city center and compete for the title of best living statue.

There is also plenty of static art on the art market this day. If you want to experience art for yourself, it is also possible in the interactive space.

All kinds of bird activities in Lauwersoog

Come to Sunday Bird festival in Lauwersmeer National Park! It will be a day with theater, music, excursions, lectures and all kinds of children’s activities around the theme of birds. For young and old. For the real bird watcher and for those who are getting to know the beautiful Lauwersmeer and birds for the first time!

Including performances by Aunt Thee Theater; the most enjoyable play-with-theater for all children, lectures by Theunis Piersma on bird migration and Petra de Goeij on the spoonbird Sinagote. Or climb as high as a bird on the climbing wall, clay birds, build nest boxes or fluff owl balls. Of course you can also explore the area: Go bird watching with the forester or take a loan bike to the bird sanctuary, where an expert will tell you more about this bird paradise. The activities are concentrated around the Lauwersnest Activity Center in Lauwersoog between 11.00 and 17.00.

French atmosphere during the Montmartre Sellingen

In Sellingen you imagine a day in Paris on Saturday during Montmartre Sellingen. During this French art market, you walk through winding streets past more than a hundred stalls with art in all shapes, forms and sizes. Various artists provide demonstrations and workshops.

Musicians, street theater and a magician enhance the atmosphere on the terraces in French style.

Wool Festival & Shepherd Fair in Balloo

While the sheep are being sheared, there is plenty to do and see at Shepherds of Balloo on Saturday and Sunday. The Wool Festival is a big fair, with a lot of attention for wool. The range often consists of special and traditional products. Glories, bread plates, original lamps, handmade bags, sustainable, locally produced soaps, willow baskets, kitchen textiles, hats, ceramics, shepherd sticks, hand-painted linen dresses, crocheted mandalas, there are too many to mention. All 75 exhibitors have a special and unique offer.

But the main goal of the event is that everyone can discover the special qualities and versatility of the wool from the Drenthe heath sheep. The Balloo sheep herd differs from other herds in the quality of the fur. Coats are available in many color variants: white, gray, brown in different shades.

There are demonstrations of hand cutting, felting, spinning, knitting, weaving and all kinds of wool and felt products for sale. From rough furs to luxurious home textiles and from sweaters to artistic jewelry. The industrial carding machine and the antique stocking knitting machine are also a real attraction at the Wool Festival. Do you want to start with wool yourself? Then you can go here for all necessities.

In a fur felt workshop, freshly shaved furs are felted for a trendy fireplace blanket. For the kids, there are also various workshops such as pottery on a turntable, forging a nail and being creative with wool.

The Sheep Mowing Festival and the Wool Festival are held in Balloo on Saturday and Sunday (Crabbeweg 2) held. Open both days from 10:30 to 17:00.

You can find more excursions on dvhn.nl/agenda.

You can register for an event via uitservice.nl.

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