School holidays: lots of fun for children, but also lots of art and music in the 10 tips for activities in the Alkmaar region

blues have

Before café De Pilaren takes a six-week summer break with programming bands, the Amsterdam band Blues Garden is still playing on 9 July. This eight-part formation consists of frontwoman Daisy and a horn section. Blues Garden plays a ‘danceable repertoire’ with well-known and lesser-known songs. They play blues, soul, rock’n roll and sometimes a funky groove. Start: 17.00.

Rikki and Bobbie

The rabbit Rikki lives in Clavis Børneboghandel in Alkmaar during the summer holidays. The rabbit was brought to life by author Guido van Genechten and will arrive in Alkmaar on July 9 during the opening of the ‘Rikki Experience Expo’. After this, Rikki will have her living room and bedroom, with chickens, tent and knight’s castle in the shop until 27 August. Cost: € 5 (children up to and including 2 years free). In addition, the children’s bookstore De Vrolijke Boekenwurm has existed for five years. It is celebrated on July 9 with the Bobbi bear and author Monica Maas from the publisher Kluitman in the store.

Bergen Art Market

Kunstmarkt in Bergen is back after a three-year absence. From 7 July, every Thursday evening around Ruïnekerk there are art stalls all over the world, where about sixty artists exhibit their works and put them up for sale. The art market has been around for more than forty years. Every week with different artists and an offer from paintings to glass art and ceramics. Open: every tor. in July and August from 16:00 to 21:30.

Summer in Egmond

For a time, it was uncertain whether the ‘Hoever Fair’ could continue due to departures from many caterers in the village. Nevertheless, a number of Egmonders put their heads together to organize a summer festival after all. From 7 to 10 July, the Braak family’s trade fair attractions are located along the meadow on Slotweg. There is also the traditional harness race, Friday afternoon drinks, ‘Bankoe Games’, DJs playing in the tent, and there is live music by Bernard Karsten, Stef Horn and local artists such as Fjoertoeters, Lamoraal van Egmont, Just dor Fun and Bob and it blue ribbon. They also want to arrange the event in the coming years. More info: or:

Jim van der Zee

Jim van der Zee likes to keep it ‘fresh’. With ‘Keep it fresh’, he decides every week what and with whom he wants to sing. Sometimes alone, sometimes with a band or an accompanying musician. After winning The Voice of Holland, he played with his band at Dutch festivals, Amsterdam Gay Pride and for the royal family on King’s Day. On July 9, he is in Cultuur Dome Heiloo at 20.15. Info and tickets:

Nynke Koster

With ‘Nieuw Licht’, every year an artist is asked to do work especially for the Grote Kerk in Alkmaar. This time it’s Nynke Koster, with ‘Common Ground’. Koster will work with Alkmaarders’ sense of home. Take a seat on the inverted vault of soft foam and rubber, where you literally lie between the stories of different communities in Alkmaar. It is the largest work Koster has ever made, at five times fifteen meters. There are fifty places to sit. Curious? Look at: Can be visited until 4 September.

blows out the school year

Take a deep breath and shoot through the school year with De Blazerij from SDG Alkmaar on July 9 from kl. 14.00 to 16.00 in Olympiagebouw. Children from groups three to eight can make music all afternoon. Afterwards there is a small performance. Whether you already play the recorder, trumpet or are not yet an instrument: everyone can participate for free. The association provides lemonade and sweets. Sign up:

slumber party

In your best pajamas, come to Cinebergen on July 10 at 10.15 for the preview of the Dutch stop-motion film Knor. For everyone from 4 years. Before the movie, there is a short video on how the movie is made. You can take a break. Bonus: free limousine!

About Knor: Babs gets a pig as a gift for his ninth birthday. Her parents are not so happy about it, but when Knor takes puppy class, she can keep the pig. In the meantime, Grandpa secretly has other plans for Knor … More information and tickets:

Fanfare and wind players

Heerhugowaard music associations play together on Coolplein during ‘Summerbreeze’ on July 9 from 12.30 to 15.15. Fanfare Hou en Trouw arranges the event and kicks off, followed by Harmonie het Blazerensemble and Blaaskapel de Blauwe Reigers. Grab a patio and listen to the repertoire ranging from ‘Little Mermaid’ to ‘Mommy’

Mia ‘. More info:

Bidag Hortus

Learn all about the world of bees on July 10 from 12.00 to 17.00 in Hortus Alkmaar. Beekeepers tell the story of the honey bee and the wild bee, there are excursions to the Bijenstal Achtergeest, by-products are for sale (such as bee-friendly plants) and there are children’s activities. 15.00 there is a tour with an insect expert from KNNV. A nice side effect: there is a honey tasting of six different types of honey. In the meantime, you can relax on the terrace. The garden is located at 43 Berenkoog in Alkmaar. More information and the complete program:

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