Summer excursions in Friesland for the coming week: five tips

Farmers’ market in Woudsend, city walk through Harlingen, all kinds of children’s activities in Bij Beets and 2 different exhibitions. We have highlighted five fun excursions for you in the coming week.

Enjoy every Thursday in Woudsend

During the summer holidays every Thursday in the center of Woudsend a Farmers Market organized. The market takes place on Waechswâl in the center of the village from 11.00 to 17.00. Last market is on August 25th.

You will find vegetables, fruits, jams, honey, milk, peasant cheese, sheep cheese, goat cheese, farm ice cream, specialty breads, different types of meat, sausage, satay, salmon, eel, tea, coffee, organic juices, organic cereal products and olive oil. In addition to fresh local products, you can also find other surprising items on the market, such as wooden serving trays, natural scents, care products, household textiles, furs, pillows, cleaning products and gift items. The offer may vary depending on Thursday.

Combine a visit to the Boerenmarkt with a short walk through the water sports village and experience the narrow streets, the many eateries, cozy shops, the windmills and the churches or take a boat trip. Highly recommended is the 11 Stegentocht, a 2.5-kilometer walk through the oldest part of the village; discover the narrowest alleys. A leaflet is available in the market and in the village. The 11 Stegentocht is a fun activity for all ages. In addition to the comprehensive brochure, it is possible to view information and videos on your mobile phone during the trip using QR codes.

Woudsend – Center, every Thursday until 25 August at 11-17, free

Tribute to Judith Hansma

Under the name of Foot in the ground Lineke Hansma and Sjaak Beek exhibit in Kruiskerken in Burgum. The title of the exhibition comes from the photo archive of Judith Hansma, who took a foot photo of places or cities she visited to find for herself that she had actually been there. She was looking for something characteristic, walking near, on or against it, and photographing it. It was also an overview of her travels from 2000.

A selection of the pictures is included in this exhibition. Judith Hansma died in June 2021. Out of love and as a tribute, Lineke Hansma has dedicated this exhibition to her daughter. The pictures for this exhibition are printed in inkjet print on art paper. The linocuts (linoleum prints) are inspired by some of these images. The exhibition is composed in collaboration with Sjaak Beek (poetry).

Burgum – Kruiskerk, until 10 September, Wed and Sat 13.30-17.00, free

Goes through Harlingen

Harlingen is a city full of history. Every Wednesday you can walk through the city led by a guide. The walk takes an hour and a half and you walk past more than five hundred buildings designated as national monuments.

Walk along two tidal ports to the center of town, home to 75 historic sailing ships, alleys, bridges, city walls and atmospheric canals. During the walk, the guide tells a story that takes you on a journey through the past. You can book via

Harlingen – Tourist info, every Wednesday until 24 August, at 14-16, 4 euros

A true play paradise for the kids

Once a year, the open-air museum ‘t Damshûss area in Nij Beets is transformed into a true play paradise for primary school children during Birthday. In other words, to enjoy the outdoors and the water, with pool dancing in the water or belly gliding for the daredevils.

If you prefer to stay dry, you can enjoy one of the fun workshops, such as clay, carpentry and crafts. Getting a henna tattoo or having your face painted is also an option. And how about making your own tent with cloths and bamboo, when you are done with the tent you can bake your own sandwich over the fire. Then you go to work with a full stomach, because a raft is built, as you did a long time ago, with tree trunks and ropes. Does your raft float and can you sail with it?

Nij Beets – It Damshûs, Sat, 13.30-17.00, 4.50 euros (2 to 12 years 3 euros)

The Atmosphere of Gert-Jan Veenstra | advertising

The painter Gert-Jan Veenstra lives and works in Offingawier, near Sneek. In 2009, he opened a gallery here. The artist exhibits new works there twice a year. Saturday starts an exhibition of his latest works.

Gert-Jan Veenstra always tries to imagine an atmosphere. A poetic atmosphere of silence, melancholy and tranquility. Of loneliness and security. From eternity. This applies to his landscapes – wide, deserted, under high skies – but also to his paintings, where it is ‘busy’, where dozens of boats and boats sail Sneekermeer or sunbathers enjoy themselves on a beach. Even in Veenstra’s cityscapes it is quiet.

Offingawier – Galerie Offingawier, 16 July to 14 August, Sat and Sun at 13.00-17.00, free

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