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Anyone going on holiday to the Mediterranean next week should take into account temperatures of 35 to more than 40 degrees Celsius. In the interior of Spain and Portugal it gets even hotter with peaks of up to 47 degrees. And we can also prepare for a hot period in our country, even if Weerplaza does not expect it to be as hot as some foreign weather bureaus predict.


In some regions of Spain, there is already a weather forecast for extreme heat. In Seville right now it is around 43 degrees and in the capital Madrid around 40 degrees. It stays so hot until the weekend, after which it cools down to just below 40 degrees.

A hot air front from North Africa is causing the second heat wave of the year in the country, and it could last for another ten days. “It will be one of the three longest heat waves in Spain since 1975,” said a spokesman for Spanish weather agency Aemet.

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The heat map of Europe, from Tuesday afternoon at © Weatherplaza


In Portugal it is a little cooler, but there are more warnings. In the capital Lisbon, where there are many tourists right now, it is very hot with 35 degrees. People try to stay cold on the beach and with ice.

Weather code red applies to almost the entire area north of Lisbon due to the persistent heat and risk of fires. Residents in several places have today been evacuated after burning wildfires. Due to scorching heat and strong winds, fires have again broken out in areas where the devastating flames recently appeared to be under control. About 1,300 firefighters plus more than 300 vehicles and a dozen planes and helicopters have been deployed.

The exposed sites are about 100 kilometers north of the Portuguese capital Lisbon. Authorities are talking about extremely violent fires. 30 minor injuries have been counted since Thursday. Dozens of houses were damaged. In 2017, forest fires in the southern European country caused more than 100 deaths.


France was hit by a heat wave for the first time this year in June. Heat records have already been broken, but temperatures are also promising to skyrocket in the coming days. Especially in southwestern France, it breathes and sweats with temperatures up to 40 degrees in Bordeaux, among other places. According to the French weather station Météo France, the warm temperatures will last for at least ten days. In the northern part of the country it is a little cooler with an average temperature of 30 to 34 degrees.


It will also be hot with us in the coming time. Here the heat from the Mediterranean area is blown. After these first hot days, with temperatures just below 30 degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday, it only gets a little cooler on the weekends. But after the weekend we get a couple of very hot days where Tuesday is the peak. Then it is expected from Weerplaza to be over 30 degrees again.

Some US weather bureaus predict that we will have to deal with temperatures of 35 or even 40 degrees, but the Dutch weather bureau calls Weerplaza not realistic. It’s too dry here. The heat can stay on for a while. Many models predict a warm period until the first weeks of August. It also stays much drier than average at this time of year.

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