40 years Save ‘t Olde, the story


DINXPERLO – Last year, the Save ‘t Olde Foundation (BtO) celebrated its 40th anniversary. Due to corona measures, no special attention could be paid to it. On 27 August, it will be celebrated appropriately in Kulturhuset. As part of the anniversary, BtO participates in the DOL trip on 11 September. In addition, BtO is arranging a bike ride on 17 September along the objects to which BtO has contributed. During the summer, an article about BtO will be published in De Band every other week, each time focusing on a different aspect of BtO.

By Marijke Verschoor-Boele

“BtO, a little known in the village, but doing a valuable job”, is how Bertie Bussink (77) starts the conversation about BtO’s history. He was treasurer for twenty years and has been chairman of BtO for thirteen years: “Yes, I think I was asked because I have several old mopeds and an old DAF, and then they thought it must have something to do with history. to do.” Gerrit Nijeboer (81) was the second chairman of BtO and has been for more than ten years. He says: “I actually had some time because I had a busy job. All meetings were at people’s homes. The chairman and founder of BtO had health problems. At that time there was no point of contact and by voting they chose me as President. I did it for ten years. I would not go any further because change is good. “

To get up
In March 1981, the Historisch Behoud Dinxperlo Foundation was founded, which was later renamed Store ‘t Olde. This foundation was created by the merger of the Teunismolen Committee and the Committee (under formation) for the preservation of valuable antiquities. Chairman Johan Ormel proceeded energetically. Baking ovens, wells and straw barges were refurbished. In 1981, an agreement was signed between BtO and Mr Th.AM Messink in de Heurne for the restoration of a baking oven and a well. The owner had to pay 10% of the cost, namely 211.40 guilders for the oven and 14.48 guilders for the well. At that time, there were still seventeen kilns in the Dinxperlo area.

Ruesink and BtO
“Johan Ormel had an entire museum at home in a pigsty. The Ruesink family saw something in the collection and everything went to Ruesink via BtO, “says Nijeboer,” BtO would provide all kinds of services, such as cleaning the collection for the Farm & Country Fair. We also helped make a plan for the setup. A few tools were unknown, and then we asked two farmers and they told us what we were going to use them for. Once a month we went to Ruesink; well it was fun with the catering. ” Bussink adds: “The bond between BtO and the Ruesink family is still there because we always help at the Farm & Country Fair.”

Working groups
After the relocation and restoration of the church De Rietstap, the commissioning of the church was donated to BtO in 1984 by Dinxperlo municipality. For this purpose, a separate working group was set up with its own chairman. “There was also a working group on historical agricultural research,” Nijeboer recalls, “but it no longer exists.”

The Borderland Museum
That same year, it was decided to investigate the establishment of a Border Museum. In 1985, the realization was a fact. “Hildegard Schouwenburg-Ostermann deserves a big compliment here because she led the way. She and her family have been important to the Dinxperlose culture, ”says Bussink. Originally, only the secret annex to the current building on the Market was accessible to the museum. After years, the front house also became vacant. In 2018, the property could be acquired and the museum became independent. “A good and meaningful blood vessel for BtO,” according to Bussink.

Old cemetery
“A few years ago, BtO received a request to give the old cemetery a better look. We enjoy working with a group in the cemetery every Tuesday morning, “says Bussink.

What is the value of 40 years of BtO?
Nijeboer: “Save ‘t Olde, the name reflects the content. We keep it so that the young people can get to know it, and that is important. ” Bussink adds: “What I find very important is the cross-border collaboration we have with Heimatverein, Dinxperwick and Dinxpers Belang. This regularly carries out border-related activities. The collaboration with Open Monument Days, Stolpersteinefonden, the municipality and the Borderland Museum is of course also important to us.”

“40 years Save ‘t Olde; it’s a long time, and it is, ”concludes Bussink.

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