Aunt Rikie waves off with a prayer for decency


LICHTENVOORDE – Traditionally, a few days before the Zwarte Cross, the Dutch journal falls on site during construction and is treated to news, plans, madness and this year plenty of water. With, among other things, an Achterhoek teaching program for primary schools, a social wheelchair, the continued commitment of the Saudi blogger Raif Badawi together with Amnesty and the renewed attention to the house rules, Feestfabriek once again shows its social commitment. Full of self-reflection, personal choices from the past and prevailing prejudices are discussed at the table. To avoid an image like a ‘woke virtue festival’, the festival also presented 30,000 nose glasses by Aunt Rikie to the press. Now it is up to the media to make a choice among these news.

By Meindert Bussink

No vandalism, discrimination and (sexually) cross-border behavior
The festival has to deal with bastard behavior every year. A day before the press day, the festival organization issues a press release and an appeal: “Tributes and kisses to the open-minded majority, a single ticket to a couple of gulags. There are only a few of the total 229,500 visitors, but the few cast an ugly stain on Zwarte Cross and also give a wrong picture of Zwarte Cross and Achterhoek … / … We can gather a whole police force to get rid of it small number of offenders, but we prefer that visitors keep an eye on each other and talk to each other about antisocial behavior. For the people who drink beer: fine, but if you want to behave like a caveman, then you’d better not drink. “

At a long table led by former RTL Nieuws reporter Jaap van Deurzen, Gijs Jolink, Johan Schutte and Marcus ten Zijthoff discuss Aunt Rikie’s last wish: “In pigs, stay at home.” “In pigs, what are we really talking about?” starter Van Deurzen. “Well, for example, homophobia, misogynistic behavior and vandalism,” Jolink says. ‘Look, the line between having a good beer and hassle is small, but we just have to behave properly. Times are changing too, just see the discussion about Zwarte Piet. Slowly there is a little more civilization. Of course, slander is not only here, and one can not condemn it, as one in football, for example, sometimes says: “We are not”, but we want to look at ourselves and do something about it. We do not want to have a racist touch ourselves, and we put a lot of effort into that. ”

Place of remembrance for not nice plates
When asked where the border goes with new signs, Johan Kampman, who was involved in Zwarte Cross as a creative for Feestfabriek, answers with the example of the controversial incident a few years ago: , that it was not fun. Nor is it ever our intention to hurt others and as my mother always says, “What you do not want done, do not do it to another” Those signs are just meant to be funny and for signs that are no . longer fun, we now have a memorial to add flowers. “

Aunt Rikie’s house rules
Back to the bastards. What are the sanctions really ?, Van Deurzen wants to know. Sustainability and safety project manager Marcus ten Zijthoff explains this further: “In order to be able to enforce, it starts with clear house rules, and we are now asking for extra attention to this. Previously, you could also quickly scroll through our ticket conditions, but now we have touched on the most important house rules in advance. So there is no change of course or anything, but we want to emphasize once again how the Black Cross party is celebrated. If incidents occur, people can visit us. In this way, we as an organization can react to this, but of course we can not promise that we will be able to catch the perpetrators as a result. ”

When asked by the audience whether Zwarte Cross has become tougher, Ten Zijthoff answers: “Camping guests are now approached as a preventive measure. Nowadays, the campsite is a bit more boring, but there is no reason why we should have an attitude: ‘It’s going to run smoothly’, but we want to stay sharp. “This is just something for the long run,” Jolink adds. “It starts with stating what is and is not part of the Black Cross. That jolly must go too. Something may not be meant that way, but it can come that way” Read Aunt Rikie’s house rules here. Here is also what you can do if you do not feel comfortable at the festival or if you want to do a report.

Looking back 25 years Black Cross
The afternoon of course started with anecdotes and funny videos from the past, because this year the biggest festival in the Netherlands is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Van Deurzen discusses some ups and downs at the table with Gijs Jolink, Ronnie Degen and of course festival director Tante Rikie. Jolink: “At that time, JaWe Motoren got the idea to simply go back and forth and arrange a kind of festival with music. We have always wanted to gather things that are not expected and arrange a festival that we ourselves would like to go to. In the beginning it was not very ambitious, but later it was. ” “It’s a beautifully constructed childhood dream”, adds Degen: “With 34 live scenes at a time”.

Host Van Deurzen also touches on the prevailing prejudices from the West and wonders where they come from. Degen: “There are many prejudices that are more behind Apeldoorn, but the people who come here always get a good smile. It does not matter where the prejudices come from, it is about how we want to change it. This is simply the most beautiful area in the Netherlands ”. Jolink adds: “For me, there is no sharp dichotomy between beer and mud on the one hand and involvement in themes such as equality and discrimination on the other. We do not deny our origins and have for years shown that we draw attention to, for example, freedom of expression by working with partners such as Amnesty.

The dramatic storm and accident in 2010 are also discussed, as Degen recently explained during the broadcast of Humberto Tan on RTL 4, as well as the financial benefits of the festival. With his question “You are both men in bonus, you are a rich man”, Van Deurzen tries to start the conversation about this, but Degen simply parks it and gets the laughs on hand: “The only thing that goes to my head is the drink. “Finally, the gentlemen take a look at the future, and Jolink openly fantasizes about a fifth day:” We want to be unique, with all the crazy stuff. We all build a village for four days, why not for five? “.

It’s a wrap. After twenty-five years, Aunt Rikie leaves. In honor of her farewell, there is an extensive parade on Sunday, and the organization had 30,000 nose glasses made. Frans Bauer will then perform their hit song ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ on the main stage with her, and he will also take a look at the future at the table: “When we are all gone, everyone will still be there for you. Degen: “As long as her health allows, she will continue to work, but she will no longer lie on the stretcher for four days.” To a question from the floor: “Could you ever be earned?”, it responds outgoing festival director resolutely: “No.” Jolink: “Aunt Rikie will forever remain our spiritual leader. There will be no successor either, but according to the North Korean model, she will always remain our leader.”

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