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Floriade Expo 2022Do you want to enjoy a day full of greenery at Floriade in Almere this summer? Experience secular gardens, cutting-edge art, good food and sustainable innovations. It’s all there to see.

For both young and old: map your own route based on your interests. With the theme ‘Growing Green Cities’, experience what a green and sustainable city has to offer you. Green, art, catering, international pavilions; there is a lot to discover.

on world travel

United Arab Emirates Pavilion © Floriade Expo 2022

From Italy to the United Arab Emirates. Experience all the different cultures in the urban district in one day. Take a walk through a special Chinese bamboo garden, take a look at the Thai water lilies and play fun, interactive games in the German pavilion. Or stay a little closer to home, sit in a basket, put on VR glasses and soar almost above the environment with your hot air balloon in the Pavilion in Flevoland province.

Cable car

Experience Floriade from above. Step into the 850 meter long cable car and let yourself be led away at a height of 35 meters above Floriadeparken. You can enjoy a great bird’s eye view for over five minutes. Watch the colorful gardens, international pavilions and all the other sights pass by below. With the Floriade summer campaign you can go to the park for 15 euros per person and take the cable car for free.

Dozens of gardens

Wooden gate Zundert
Wooden gate Zundert © Floriade Expo 2022

At Floriade you can be inspired for your own garden or balcony. In Wilde Weelde’s spiral city garden, discarded materials such as spoons, beer bottles and sewer pipes can be found. Treeport Zundert’s garden is inspired by art. A special pipe construction, which is usually used as heat storage.

The Green House

In this huge greenhouse of 10,000 m2 you can take a journey through Dutch horticulture; from seeds to tomato and from slicing to planting to a delicious dish on your plate. Picking robots that pick tomatoes for you from the vertical garden, lettuce grown on water, the most expensive plant and changing flower shows: from freesias to roses and from peonies to lilies.

The nature pavilion

The nature pavilion is almost exclusively constructed of natural (bio-based) materials and is a literal accumulation of innovations. For example, the interior walls are made of straw, linen, pepper stalks and a finish with wood fiber textiles. Inside, 24 designers show green discoveries in areas such as fashion, energy and lifestyle.


Biotopia, Pavilion in Germany
Biotopia, Pavilion in Germany © Floriade Expo 2022

You will not be bored for a moment in the more than sixty hectare park. Go your own route or follow one of the themed routes based on your interests. Do you want to make the most of your visit? Then end your day with a free tour.

Summer campaign

This summer you can enjoy a great day full of greenery for only 15 euros. This includes free parking or a shuttle bus from Almere Centrum station and a ride on the cable car. Go to Floriade.com/online and use the discount code FLO22. You can visit Floriade daily until October 9, 2022. This promotion runs until Sunday, July 24, 2022. See the promotion terms here.

Urban Scene
Urban Scene © Floriade Expo 2022

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