President and Chargé d’Affaires France commemorates the storm of Bastille – Daily Suriname

‘French National Day’ was celebrated on Thursday 14 July in the residence of Chargé d’Affaires José Gomez. He thanked those present for celebrating the French National Day together.

On this day, France and its overseas departments and territories commemorate the storm of the Bastille in 1789, when the royal fortress and prison in Paris were stormed by the revolutionaries. Gomez said this moment has become a symbol of the French Revolution. “This event became the symbol of a revolutionary movement which, a few weeks later, in August, would lead to the abolition of privileges, that is, to the principle of equal rights, the first declaration of human rights ever.” Gomez elaborated on the significance of this day. “The principles of freedom, equality and brotherhood opened a new era in the world; they still inspire us. ”

He also pointed to the same democratic values ​​that France and Suriname claim. “Our two countries respect human rights, freedom of thought, freedom of the press, freedom of association, the basis of their legal order.” The Chargé d’Affaires pointed to the proximity of values ​​that comes with geographical proximity. “Our common border stretches about 520 kilometers along the Marowijne River,” he said.

Friendship bonds

Gomez also strengthened the friendships. “Our two countries are connected through friendships and cooperation that have been further strengthened since July 2020.” He also mentioned Suriname’s return to the international scene. But also noticed that there is still a lot of work to do.

In his speech, he mentioned the many things that people on both sides of the Marowijne River have in common and the strong desire for better mutual knowledge, and pointed to the increased intellectual, artistic and tourist ties. Gomez expressed hope that the cultural dialogue would resume, noting that “as good neighbors, we also ensure that we live peacefully and safely in our two homes, on both sides of the river.”


Therefore, Gomez emphasized the cooperation between the two armies and in the field of police and justice. Despite the progress made, there is still a lot to do, he said. “Against drug traffickers, human traffickers and criminals who bring mercury to French Guiana.”

Other areas mentioned were that the two armed forces got to know each other better and often trained together and shared their knowledge.

In the economic field, there is an appeal to develop the still modest relations.

Better knowledge of EU rules is also needed, this should enable Surinamese businessmen to export more to the French-speaking neighboring country.

oil and gas

Reference was made to the economic situation in Suriname, which will undergo a profound transformation in the coming years thanks to oil and gas resources.

The French company TotalEnergies plays an important role in the development of hydrocarbons in Suriname, Gomez said. This will also attract other French companies. “Surinamese will soon benefit from oil revenues. The government, which is currently experiencing difficult economic times, has inherited a severely deteriorating budgetary and economic situation. Suriname takes up this challenge with courage and determination. We are convinced that Suriname, with the support of international financial institutions, will be able to overcome these difficulties. As you know, the French government fully supports Suriname within the IMF and the Paris Club, ”Gomez said.


President Chandrikapersad Santokhi, on behalf of the people of Suriname, congratulated France on a memorable day in French history. The President of Suriname reflected on the same values ​​that both countries share. Santokhi also mentioned the fruitful cooperation that exists between the two neighboring countries and praised the common commitment to border security. Santokhi mentioned the historical ties of neighboring countries, which have developed constructively into a strategic partnership in various areas of common interest. President Santokhi is also optimistic about what the oil and gas industry will bring. “And we can certainly expect more involvement from the French companies in this regard,” Santokhi added.

The President also discussed the cultural aspect, such as the French language, which will be stimulated in Suriname through French teaching. “We must not underestimate the value of cultural cooperation, it increases countries’ opportunities to form friendships in a world with increased international contacts.” The President also pointed out the added value of culture to the individual.


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