Heat in North Holland: ice cream at Schiphol, more drinking in care centers and other opening hours

Today and tomorrow it will be very hot and therefore all possible measures will be taken. Rescue teams are stepping up a gear. Schiphol hands out ice cream to people in line. And extra drinking time is put into care centers.

NH News / Chantal Bos

Temperatures will rise above 30 degrees throughout the province today. Tomorrow it will be a little bit more and it will be around 36 degrees. Very hot, but according to weatherman Jan Visser not unusual. “In 2019, it was also so hot in July. Then it was 36.7 degrees in Wijk aan Zee”, he puts the heat in perspective.

Still, the province is preparing for the heat. This is how GGD Zaanstreek-Waterland fits in opening hours on. Testing for coronavirus is possible today and tomorrow from 9:00 to 12:00, and vaccination is only possible on Tuesdays between 10:30 and 14:00.

Ice cream in line at Schiphol

Travelers at Schiphol have to wait about two hours before going through the security checkpoint and part of that line goes outside. The airport therefore distributes extra bottles of water to travelers, and there is also ice. “In addition, we are trying to get everyone to wait outside under the canopy,” said a spokesman for the airport. He did not yet know what ice cream will be distributed.

There is air conditioning in the airport itself and the blinds are lowered. Nevertheless, the temperature in the terminals can rise. “We therefore ask travelers to dress lightly and bring extra water.”

Water trucks

Not only travelers like under the heat. It is also hot for planes. For example, the temperature on the freeways can rise above 50 degrees; too hot to run over. Special water trucks cool the asphalt.

The temperature of the asphalt is special sensors in the ground measured. These measuring systems are used in the winter to check how slippery the asphalt is, and in the summer they can keep track of how hot the tracks are.

Curious about how cool roads cool? NH Nieuws made the video below during the heat wave in 2019. The text continues after the video

Cooling runways at Schiphol – NH Nieuws / Doron Sajet

Elderly and people with vulnerable health are also considered with this warmth, such as at the WilgaerdenLeekerweideGroep in Wognum. “Getting enough fluids in when it’s hot is very important, especially for the elderly who are vulnerable and often suffer from decreased thirst. For example, water jugs are put out, we hand out cold washcloths and they can paddle together,” says spokeswoman Eva Hyrde.

Dijklander Hospital does not anticipate any problems with the predicted heat. “It’s always cool here. I even wear a vest now,” spokeswoman Marjolein Beijne said with a laugh. “We have cooling ceilings in the hospital.”

Rescue brigades on standby

The rescue brigades in our province be on alert the next few days. For example, first aid supplies were checked again and it was checked if people can help.

The rescue brigades are expecting large crowds today and tomorrow: “We have actually not had any real beach days this season. The weather has been nice, but not yet fantastic days,” said Ernst Brokmeier, spokesman for the Zandvoort Rescue Brigade yesterday.

According to Brokmeier, the water is also being monitored extra closely. The last few days it has been blowing hard, which can create a treacherous current, and there are many holes in the sea. “We are paying extra attention to that. The wind is going down now and we have to assess the dangers per day.”

Cooler again from Wednesday

The heat does not last long. From Wednesday, the temperatures will be back to what we are used to. “Then it will be around 22 degrees, and that will be the rest of the week,” says Visser.

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