Fair Hengelo celebrated under amazing circumstances


HENGELO – During the fair in Hengelo, held this year from 12 to 17 July, the EMM shooter Koningschoten held on Saturday 16 July. Jan-Willem van de Velde shot the bird with the 192nd shot and was honored as the new archer king.

children’s games
On Friday 15 July, there was plenty to do at the site of Steintjesweide IJsvereniging, which facilitates Archers’ Guild EMM every year on Friday and Saturday at the Hengelo fair. There were about 325 children who had a nice afternoon with, among others, the care home De Mettemaats pets from Hengelo. Bronckhorst municipality had set up a number of fun parts with few employees, including an assault course via the volleyball association DVO from Hengelo in collaboration with the Dutch volleyball association (NEVOBO). There was also a demonstration with BMX bikes by freestyle national coach Rick Koekoek.

The music association Concordia from Hengelo provided the musical accompaniment under the musical chairs. There was an air cushion and sandbox for the youngest youngsters, and everyone could eat a drink and a bag of chips / ice cream for free.

royal shooting
On Saturday, the weather was fantastic for the highlight of the funfair and for the EMM shooter, Koningschoten. According to the chairman of the militia Richard Veerink and councilor in Bronckhorst municipality Emmeke Gosselink, the 192 participants were able to start bird shooting.
After 455 shots, Jan-Willem van de Velde managed to shoot the bird off the tap and thus became the new Shooter King 2022 in Schutterij EMM. Of course, he chose his wife Marije as his queen, and both were the brilliant center of attention on Sunday morning during the reception. He will represent the militia on official occasions next year. On September 18, a ‘selected’ group will visit the former partner municipality of Neuenkirchen, where it will be officially received at the town hall by the mayor, and where all delegations from the German shooters will celebrate a cozy party in honor of all kings. par i 2022.

fair market
On Sunday this year, a trade fair was arranged in Spalstraat. It was pleasantly busy this afternoon, including an initial round of NK Standwerken. The seven participants were judged by a ‘Mystery jury’, and the top 3 received a cash prize and qualified for the national championships to be held in Gulpen (Limburg) later this year.

On Sunday during the trade fair market, there were also performances by two street artists. A woman on poles making balloons for figures for the kids. And a mobile quiz car that you could participate in, for a minimum deposit of 0.50 euro cents. Quizmaster Vincent Versteege asked questions to two people, and with three wrong answers, another took your place. The proceeds from this quiz were donated to a good cause: this year the Zonnebloem department Hengelo / Keyenborg. De Zonnebloem would like to thank Vincent for 112.75 euros!

As announced in the previous Contact, this was the last year Gunners Eendracht Makes Power hosted the fair. In the autumn, it will become clearer about the future of the fair and who is responsible for arranging it. The Citizens ‘Guard would like to emphasize that it will continue to exist and will continue to arrange Bird Shooting during the fair and everything that has always been done by the Citizens’ Guard on Saturdays.

On behalf of the militia, Richard Veerink would like to thank everyone who has in some way supported the past few years in arranging the annual fair. No names are mentioned, because some are certainly forgotten, but everyone on, behind and in front of the scenes says many thanks on behalf of the board and members of Schutterij EMM

Ladies Bats Ladies:

Hull: Ria Dolphijn (Bird Bat Queen), Head: Hendrien Beek, Left wing: Marja Nijenhuis, Right wing: Edith Hoebink, Tail: Lianne Woerts.
Bird shooting for youth:
Hull: Bart Bergman youth king), Head: Stan Zuurveld, Left wing: Renze Zuurveld, Right wing: Lenn Mars, Tail: Ties Mars.
Bird shooting seniors:
Hull: Jan-Willem van de Velde (Gun King 2022), Head: Sjoerd Helmink, Left wing: André te Stroet, Right wing: Mark Oldenhave, Tail: Arjen Lubbers.

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