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The public fully enjoys the outdoor game ‘Generation full of Sensation’

By Jan Hendriksen

BORCULO – It ‘runs’ towards midnight. After a standing ovation, after the second performance of the open-air play ‘Generation vol Sensatie’ in the open-air theater ‘t Galgenveld, director Gerrit Kers looks back at the performance on’ horecaplein ‘at the’ catering place ‘, while enjoying a beer in hand, with pleasure. . “Everyone was good in their role. And the intended goal of giving the public a relaxed and humorous evening is more than successful.” And in fact, the audience enjoyed it to the fullest.

After two empty years of outdoor play, the beautifully hidden open-air theater Borculose was once again the domain of an open-air play conducted by Gerrit Ker last weekend.

After more than twelve years, Kers had picked up the towel again as director. He was also in charge for many years until 2010. And that was known again. Borculoër Kers, together with assistant director Arjan Meulenveld from Ruurlo and all employees, had pulled everything out.
The actors were very wordy. In the courtyard of the Huisman family farm, the game took place with modern vehicles and the regularly ringing mobile phones. Cars, tractors, bicycles, a scooter and an American classic car. They all rushed into the Huisman family’s yard. The open-air play ‘Generation vol Sensatie’ depicts everyday life on the Huisman family’s farm in Achterhoek in the year 2022. It became an interesting and humorous piece about the development of the current dairy farm with all its problems, such as the nitrogen crisis, Natura 2000, agricultural land being created solar panel fields, wind turbines, illegal drug labs and the disappearance of naobership due to imports. Everything was discussed, where not only serious relationships played a role, but also humor played a big role.

Demented grandmother Stina (played by Nienke Schroer) arouses great attention and also makes a significant demand on the whole family. Father Freek (Jan Dijkman) and mother Agnes (Gerry Dollekamp) try, as bearers of the family, to steer the whole in the right direction together with their (son-in-law) father Gerhard (Frits Weernink). Father Freek has indicated with his reluctant knee that he wanted to stop the dairy farm around the age of 65. Two sons, Rob (Otto Scholman) and Dennis (Sebastian Hulshof) both have ambitions to take over the parent company. However, there are still some disagreements.

The sons Rob and Dennis and the daughter Dian (Rianne Broshuis) with their friends also have a meeting place in a cabin in the yard, where they meet regularly to have fun, chat and party. Neighbor Hendrik (Kees de Jeu) with his extremely curious and mixed wife Bertha (Hilda Haselberg), who invariably moves around on a bicycle (Bertha) or walks next to the bicycle (Hendrik), is still a bit of the old stamp. Still, it is the neighbor Hendrik who finally comes up with a very important announcement. The time has come for Freek and Agnes Huisman to hand over the baton to the new generation. Of course, we will not reveal how things develop. Everyone can admire on Wednesday evening the 20th of July, Friday evening the 22nd of July or Saturday evening the 23rd of July in the open-air theater ‘t Galgenveld. Starts every night at 8pm. In case of bad weather conditions, a decision is made on the day of the performance between kl. 17.00 and 17.30. Alternative dates are Thursday, July 21st and Sunday, July 24th.

ticket sales
Pre-sale tickets cost 12.00 euros each. Tickets at the ticket office 15.00 euros. Children up to 12 years half price. It is possible to lock at the cash register.
Pre-sale addresses are: Tabak en Wijn and Zo Gea Berendsen, Veemarkt 4 in Borculo, TIB Borculo, Hofstraat 5 in Borculo, Everwennink, Leeuwerikstraat 4 in Ruurlo, Tabakorie Rona, Oudestraat 6 in Neede.
Tickets can be ordered by phone from Jo Nekkers, tel. 06 83185322. There are still tickets for all evenings. But away = away.

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