‘I would be happy to let my 15-year-old daughter go here’


Zwarte Cross once again proves its power to connect parties

By Henri Walterbos

LICTENVOORDE – ‘Life is one big party’. A spell on a dated black motocross jersey over Aunt Riki’s head. However, the spell is anything but dated and still as true as a cow. At least at the site of the Zwarte Cross. Two editions were cancelled, meaning no Zwarte Cross for almost 3 years. How would it go this year?, many wondered. And that in a world and life full of uncertainties, dissatisfaction and even a threat of war. At the site of the Zwarte Cross it is ‘pais en vree’ for 4 days. All the world’s problems seem very far away for a while, or like a festival goer in the Grolsch cafe sitting outside when he sees 4 men sitting on bar stools laughing at each other while drinking beer; ‘Put all the rotten world leaders and politicians here on a plate with mekare and noa dree times, ne kere with voest on the table, and fifteen beers she shut each other laughing on the shoulders and shouts ‘ah lao’w she still only drinks one and has no more .’ Life is not so difficult for the Black Cross.

Hot bath
Zwarte Cross 2022 is again one big warm bath, like a spa, one big practical course ‘how do I give meaning to life?’ and one big advertisement for what one big party life can be like. If you put your best foot forward at all. It always starts with you. All the ingredients for a thunderous feast are present in Aunt Riki’s hallowed meadows. And an organization that knows and feels exactly what a Zwarte Crosser needs. Or as ‘preacher’ Özcan ‘Eus’ Akyol preached on Sunday morning prior to the real High Mass of Boh Foi Toch and Aunt Rikie’s defilement. “I have come here to say something sensible about the state of the country, and my verdict is; ‘it’s all bullshit’. Holland can become beautiful if Holland starts to look like Zwarte Cross. Did everyone in Holland know how nice and pleasant it is here.” Lyrics that eat the public.

Fortunately, there is still much that is nice in this country, but his sentence makes sense. And why is Zwarte Cross so cozy? Ultimately, it is these people, the visitors, who create the atmosphere, provided with the right tools. The Achterhoek party has now become a party that the whole East-North-South Holland feels at home and likes to identify with, including Randstad residents who sometimes prefer not to return to their concrete villages with their caravan at all. ‘Spread the word’ and take the Achterhoek values, norms, genius and a little ‘noaberschap’ with you.

A dress code does not apply, any combination is possible and visible, and everything is connected. Young and old party together. If you accidentally bump into someone, a ‘joel’ is heard, or a pat on the back and a big smile follow. “I would not hesitate to let my 15-year-old daughter come here. Rather than going out into Enschede city centre. There is always something going on there,” says an Enschede resident. Social media in the Achterhoek is all about the party of the year these days, with ‘pride’ as the common denominator in both messages and ‘comments’. Susan Hoffman from Groenlo proudly posts a photo with her 83-year-old father Henk at the entrance to the Zwarte Cross site. How beautiful, as well as small children on their fathers’ necks for performances on the Main Stage. One time the children are with the father, perhaps with Di-Rect, the other time the father is with the daughter for a performance with Snelle. It is also Zwarte Cross, no, especially that!

The 230,000 visitors will once again experience a weekend that will be talked about for a long time to come. And relatives. All the languages ​​of the world can be heard in any busy summer airport, while at Zwarte Cross you can hear dialects and accents from all corners of the Netherlands in bars and during random meetings. The motto ‘Welcome Thuus’ covered the load completely. Everyone felt ‘at home’. Beautiful memories have been made that will be great for birthdays in the years to come.

Everyone happy
The programming was similar. Also a big party. Something for every taste, very diverse and varied. And you ran out of time to check everything off your favorites list. Behind the bars again are pleasant volunteers from parade groups, associations, foundations. The beers are tapped and served with a smile. All also true ambassadors for the event. Everyone is happy and looking forward to the 2023 edition.

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