Summer excursions in Groningen and Drenthe in the coming week: corn maze, children’s activities, De Bende mit Bendje and Rembrandt Trio

Take a walk through a corn maze, learn to draw cartoons or cook in a workshop, visit the Museum de Wemme for an exhibition.

Podium Summer full of children’s activities

Until Sunday burst Podium Zomer again with all kinds of free workshops and performances for children from 6 to 12 years. The podium’s summer terrace with outdoor activities is for all ages. A tasty snack is available between activities. Children can put together their own Podium Summer program; for example, they can dance in the morning on Thursday, drum loudly in the afternoon during the djembe workshop and then take a look at the final presentation of the dance workshop by Arts of Raej.

There is also a workshop for cartoon drawing, cooking, bucket drum, jewelry making, children can learn how to make a robot, there is a printing workshop, a children’s choir and Summer Dance Camp in the Arowak Dance Center. The capacity for workshops is limited, so it is recommended by the organization to take a look at to make a reservation.

Assen – Podium Zuidhaege, daily until Sunday at 10-17, free

Bende mit Bendje full of songs

Roughly from 1988 to 2009, Alina Kiers, Peter de Haan and Frank den Hollander brought five well-attended theater programs on stage as De Bende by Baflo Bill and Voorheen De Bende. The three of them or ‘my Pazzipanten’ made dozens of songs in Groningen and Dutch, with classics such as. Yogurt , damn , Cafeteria Torremolinos and found Bie the Lidl .

This time they made a selection from all these songs especially for Teater Oosterwijtwerd, under the name The gang with Bendje . The show can be seen from Thursday to Sunday.

Oosterwijtwerd – Eetcafé De Boerderij (Theater Oosterwijtwerd), Thurs to Sun at 19.30, 34 euros, incl. food

Rembrandt Trio plays jazz in the church

During the Persian summer in Groningen Rembrandt Trio performs in Akerk. The musical trio is internationally known for their curious gaze and innovative collaborations that constantly give jazz a new direction. The album it’s still autumn with Kayhan Kalhor from Iran could be heard at the North Sea Jazz Festival in 2019.

The trio is a really working band; they practice weekly and tour all over the world. They also alternate with collaborations, they gave concerts with, among others, Paolo Fresu, Vincent Peirani, Norma Winstone, Sylvain Rifflet and Perico Sambeat.

Groningen – Akerk, Sat 20.30, 25 euros

Find your way in the corn maze

Have you heard? They have a corn maze at Camping de Hondsrug in Eext! The corn maze is a maze where you can experience a lot of fun. Since this month, the corn is high enough that it will be a real challenge to defy the maze.

Imagine a field with a lot of corn. Lots of corn. How nice is it to walk through it while you puzzle and play games along the way? The maze is officially opened by the only dog ​​Harry.

Eext – Camping de Hondsrug, until 30 September at 13.00-17.00, daily at 13.00-17.00, 2 euros

Exhibition You can put the pot on | Advertising

The exhibition is open until October 30 in the Museum De Wemme in Zuidwolde Get lost to see. The exhibition takes you on a journey through time, through centuries of toilet use. The exhibition starts with Hunebedsbyggerne and ends with the most modern toilet. Along the way, you will also find answers to questions such as ‘what happens to our stools’ and ‘what have we used to wipe our buttocks off over the years’.

In the circuit is a selection of stretchers, all of which are health-related in one way or another, such as the hospital. Also boldootcar is not missing. In the orchard are objects made of brass and steel by Adje Martens.

Zuidwolde – Museum de Wemme, Tuesday to Friday at 10.00-17.00, Saturday-Mon. at 13.30-17.00, 5 euros

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