Art in the greenhouse as the first exhibition venue: ‘As if you were in your underpants’

In the garden of Johan Dijk and Wim van der Laan, it’s a party. The fourteen artists show their works both on the lawn and in the all-glass greenhouse between the vegetable plants: paintings, photography, iPad art, sculptures and jewelry.

Hoorn Café Chantant performs wicked cabaret songs at 12.30pm and 3.30pm. Every hour poet Emanuel van der Ven recites poems and guitarist and singer Jan Boers plays pop, jazz and Latin.

Stichting Kunst in de Kas is a platform for regional artists with the aim of raising awareness about them. For some it has already worked. “I gave my first solo exhibition at Kunst in de Kas”, says STHOM. “It was a very valuable day. It was the beginning of my career, a milestone.”


The artist from Hoorn will also be present on Sunday. He is showing work in a style he has described since last weekend as ‘figurative activist neo-expressionism’. He talks about his work: “Actually, everything I find stupid, I convert into something beautiful. I used to be very depressed and as a kind of therapy I started expressing my depression. It started with writing and then I started throwing paint. It resulted in more figurative works of art, and now I am a professional visual artist.”

STHOME. He often works for a while with the same theme, which he immerses himself in in all possible ways, including by talking about it, reading and watching documentaries. His current theme is environmental issues. He makes a series of paintings about it under the title ‘Recycle or die’. “The idea is that by painting I get rid of my own misery and inspire others to feel better.”

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A painting from the series ‘Recycle or die’ by STHOM.© THOM.

Sebastian Koenen

Sebastiaan Koenen, born in Wognum and recently moved to Zwaag, aims to spark the imagination of those who look at his paintings. “The common thread in my work is a search for balance in form and content. I don’t want to just take a picture. An example that can be seen on Sunday is ‘Connection’. Several things can be seen in it in a surrealist style: human persons and individual elements together form another human person. There is a lot of symbolism in it. It’s quite a puzzle. The viewer can decide for himself which way his head or feeling will go.”

Koenen is exclusively enthusiastic about art in the greenhouse: “It’s a fantastic place to exchange ideas. There are many present at the exhibitions who make things themselves. Because it is a local initiative, you can see what is happening nearby. You cannot find anything like it in Hoorn and the surrounding area.”

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'Connection' by Sebastiaan Koenen, in Indian ink.

‘Connection’ by Sebastiaan Koenen, in Indian ink.© Painting Sebastian Koenen

Milan Nowak

“Art in the Greenhouse is a wonderful place for young artists to experience what it’s like to exhibit their work,” praises Milan Nowak (Nalim Kawon) from Opmeer. “I held my first successful exhibition there. I really liked it, but at the same time super confronting. Like you’re standing in your underpants in front of an audience and those people are allowed to say something about it. Fortunately, I got a lot positivity.”

Nowak will show his latest work on Sunday. “I’m a graphic designer and visual artist,” he says. “My work mainly consists of black clean lines and all the colors I have available. In this way I create characters, shapes and figures in which a world takes place. I draw these both analogue and digital on the iPad. That way, I can work lightning fast and large empty areas can be colored in no time.”

“Drawing is something that comes out of me, which only I can do in my own way. Art is an outlet and at the same time gives me a lot of energy. As long as I can create, I will continue to do so. In this way, I hope to send (positive) energy out into the world and perhaps stimulate someone with it.”

A work by Milan Nowak.

A work by Milan Nowak.© Photo included

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