Novozymes and AgroFresh join forces to unlock the potential of biotechnology

Recently, Novozymes and AgroFresh decided to enter into a research and marketing partnership to develop biological solutions that can improve the quality of post-harvest products and minimize waste by combating fungal pathogens. It is a partnership between two companies that share the same values, said AgroFresh Chief Technology Officer Duncan Aust. He shares some of the highlights of the partnership.

“Both Novozymes and AgroFresh are fully committed to sustainability and are committed to conserving natural resources, combating food waste and preserving the quality of fruit and vegetables. As the demands on global agriculture continue to increase, this partnership will help address some of the most critical fungi control challenges with much less impact on the environment We expect that the development of new solutions will be accelerated by the combination of Novozymes’ advanced biotechnologies and AgroFresh’s deep scientific expertise in post-harvest, global commercial footprint and a range of solutions to preserve the freshness and quality of fruit, vegetables and flowers.”

Food waste prevention: one of the core values ​​of AgroFresh
As an innovator in the post-harvest industry, preventing food waste has always been central to the company’s mission, and it still is today. “Approximately a third of the food produced is lost or wasted before it even reaches the consumer, and fruit and vegetables make up more than half of this amount. At AgroFresh, we continue to focus on innovation and the development of tailored solutions that helping our customers along the food supply chain. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do when we serve our customers.”

“Twenty years ago, we revolutionized the fruit industry with the introduction of SmartFresh™, which is now used in more than 25,000 fruit storage facilities worldwide. Today, it is more important than ever to protect our planet and protect the food we grow. We are increasingly more committed than ever to our mission to meet the world’s need for fresh, safe and abundant produce while reducing our impact on the environment.”

“AgroFresh’s partnership with Novozymes will pioneer the use of organic solutions in the post-harvest sector to reduce food loss and waste and help improve the quality of our food system overall.”

The partnership will work on the development of biocontrol products
To reduce waste, post-harvest technologies are used, either immediately before harvest or post-harvest throughout the supply chain. New solutions will benefit growers, packers and retailers. “There will be new solutions for use in various applications (waxes, coatings, mists, dips, etc.) to prevent post-harvest spoilage of fresh produce due to fungal growth. Together with Novozymes, we will work on the development of biological solutions to combat harmful organisms such as insects, fungi, bacteria or weeds. There are different types of biocontrol products, including microorganisms, microorganism-derived active substances (such as metabolites and biochemicals), plant extracts and other types of natural products. , as organic products are generally much less harmful to the environment and constitute less risk to beneficial animals such as bees.”

“Furthermore, reducing post-harvest losses is much more sustainable than increasing production to offset those losses.”

New innovation center in Chile: a strategic decision
In addition to this new partnership, AgroFresh has just opened a new global innovation center in Chile. A strategic decision: “The global innovation center in Rancagua is one of seven such centers in AgroFresh, which annually exports more than 2.6 million tons of fruit to more than 100 countries. Chile is also at the forefront of adopting new technology and production practices, and was the first to adopt SmartFresh™, AgroFresh’s leading ethylene management solution, over 20 years ago.”

“The center will enable customers throughout the Latin America region to take advantage of the expertise and capacity of AgroFresh’s scientific and operational experts, who are committed to helping them improve protection against pathogens, preserve the quality of fruit and vegetables, extend shelf life and minimize post-harvest losses and waste. The innovation center will also act as a global innovation hub for AgroFresh, providing year-round research opportunities.”

“The global hub will be home to some of the world’s leading scientists in post-harvest research and development. They will continue to focus on leading product freshness solutions such as SmartFresh, Harvista™, ActiMist™ and digital solutions such as and FreshCloud™. Additionally, the center will support Control-Tec™ ECO application equipment, which has helped new customers in Chile reduce water consumption during the packaging process by up to 60%.”

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