Amsterdam’s sustainable fish brand Fish Tales is looking for new shareholders to drastically increase its influence.

Fish Tales is working hard to change the world of fish forever. The mission of the fish brand Amsterdam is crystal clear: to ensure that everyone can enjoy the tastiest fish indefinitely. Now and in the future. By offering only sustainable and fair seafood products, Fish Tales not only makes an impact in the fisheries it works with, but also sets a good example for other fishing companies worldwide. Since its inception in 2014, Fish Tales, founded by fish expert and cookbook author Bart van Olphen, has a prominent market position in the Netherlands and other European countries. Since 2020, the brand has also been successful in the United States. Fish Tales will dramatically increase its influence by continuing to grow in the United States. To make this happen, the company is looking for co-owners. This can be done buy shares online via the Eyevestor platform. Fish Tales wants to raise a total of 1.2 million euros to make their plans come true.

Canned tuna must be more sustainable

Tuna is one of the world’s most favorite and well-known fish species. Skipjack tuna, the most conserved species, is the third most caught fish species worldwide. Canned tuna is particularly popular in the US and accounts for no less than a quarter of global consumption. Yet more than 90% of canned tuna in the United States is of irresponsible origin. There’s still a world to be won here, and Fish Tales will do just that. Together with new investors and consumers who support the company’s mission.

Bart van Olphen, founder of Fish Tales: Fish is the only food that we still get massively from the desert, we have to be careful with that. By continuing to grow, especially in the US, we are increasing not only our influence, but more importantly, our impact. We are showing everyone in the fishing world that offering sustainable and fair fish is a matter of making the right choices as a company.”

Success from day one

Since its inception in 2014, Fish Tales has been very successful commercially and has built a close and long-term partnership with 22 fisheries worldwide. Thanks to these collaborations, more than eighty products are currently available. In addition to canned fish, the range also includes smoked, fresh and frozen fish products. After starting in the Netherlands, the company has expanded further to Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the UK. Since 2020, the brand has also been successful in the United States under the Sea Tales brand. After just two years, the products are already available at some of the most prestigious supermarket chains in the country such as: Whole Foods Market, Stop & Shop, The Fresh market, Gelson’s and Safeway/Albertsons. But we’re not there yet. The potential for the US to influence the tuna shelf and beyond is enormous. The turnover value of canned tuna in America is more than 2 billion euros. Sea Tales is well on its way to gaining market share. The goal is to become so important within a few years that a total turnover of 100 million euros is expected.

Harm-Jan van Dijk, co-founder and co-owner of Fish Tales: “We are extremely proud of what we have achieved with Fish Tales in the first eight years. Fish Tales was founded on a mission with a company rather than a company with a mission. I am convinced that a healthy company goes hand in hand with what is good for our environment.”

Get more influence

Fish Tales held a first investment round in 2021. More than 566 enthusiastic shareholders joined the company’s mission. An amount of 1.1 million euros was raised during this first round. The capital raised has primarily been used to realize the initial growth in the US by expanding the brand’s visibility and points of sale. This new round of investment will be used to increase impact by further growing in the US. For example, the company will invest in establishing its own team in the US and expanding its marketing and sales activities.

How do you become a co-owner?

You can become a co-owner of Fish Tales from 250 euros. In addition to the previous investment round, a total of nine percent of the shares worth 1.25 million euros are made available. It brings the valuation of Fish Tales to more than 13 million euros. The interest in participating is great. More than 850,000 euros have already been pledged by pre-subscription.

Interested parties can visit the Fish Tales website for shares:

About Fishing Tales

Fish Tales’ mission is to let everyone enjoy delicious fish indefinitely. Now and in the future. To make this happen, the products are not only incredibly tasty and of the highest quality, but also sustainably and fairly caught. To this end, Fish Tales works worldwide with local fishing communities that live and fish in harmony with nature. All fishing that Fish Tales works with meets the company’s strict sustainability requirements. For example, all fish come from a healthy stock, only the most sustainable fishing methods are used, and all fish are fully traceable to the fishery. For third-party verification, all products are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) or the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC). But Fish Tales’ claim goes one step further. For example, all tuna is caught with pole, and Fish Tales also works on good working conditions using Fair Trade certification. In order to do even more for fishing, the Fiskefortellinger Foundation was established. This foundation works to increase consumer awareness and, together with local partners, also establishes projects that help fisheries become more sustainable and thus gain access to international markets.

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