Who offers the Italian Sofia or the Thai Pannatree a cozy home in Nederweert?

At the end of August, dozens of exchange students from all over the world are making their dream come true by being immersed in the Dutch culture, language and traditions for a period of three to ten months. The students live with Dutch host families and attend high school. Will you become a host family for one of these students and offer them a warm home? Students are welcome at the youth programs in Nederweert and Weert, where internationalization is becoming an increasingly important theme.

Exchange student in Nederweert

A cultural exchange is not only an adventure for the foreign student, the host family also learns about the culture that a foreign student brings! So you don’t have to travel far to discover the world. You can bring the world into your home with a Brazilian or French-speaking Belgian exchange student, or perhaps a student from Thailand or Germany would be better suited to your home.

Exchange to the Netherlands
The Netherlands seems to be becoming more and more popular as a ‘high school’ destination. The Netherlands is seen as a safe and hospitable country. The High School Holland program is growing, for a number of students coming to the Netherlands at the end of August, we are still looking for an enthusiastic host family who can offer these students a warm home for three, five or ten months. You can become a host family for a short period, but also for the whole school year. Would you like to go on this amazing adventure with an exchange student?

Who are the international students?
Exchange students from all over the world come to the Netherlands, from no fewer than twenty different countries. So does the Italian Sofia, she loves to ride and can often be found at the riding school. She can’t wait to ride a horse in Holland. The creative Pannatree from Thailand will also be in the Netherlands for a while. She likes to listen to different kinds of music and often plays board games with her family. Tomás from Slovakia and Charlin from Germany also want to explore the Netherlands with their host family. They can’t wait to learn more about the Dutch language, history and culture. Are you going to explore our country with one of them, or have you become curious about the other foreign students? Visit the website to meet all students coming to the Netherlands this summer.

Many host families have already gone before you in this adventure. Like, for example, the family of the Rengs, they were the host family of the Brazilian João Pedro. “It makes us feel good to give someone the opportunity to embark on this adventure. We saw this as a good opportunity for the children. They can learn a lot from this cultural exchange.“The van Berkel family also had a fantastic experience with the Italian Naima. “We clicked almost immediately, the girls have the same sense of humor! It was a little busier with an extra daughter.” The American Willa, for example, told about her experience in the Netherlands with a host family. “I experience real Dutch life up close. At the same time, my host family also learns a lot about my culture and customs. So it’s a real exchange!

Who offers an international exchange student a home?
Young or slightly older, single or a family with children? Anyone with the right intentions can be a host family in Travel Active’s eyes. During the exchange, the host family and the student are supervised by a local coordinator. This guide is the mainstay for school children and host families. The local coordinator also helps to familiarize oneself with Dutch culture, for example by arranging local tours. Travel Active organizes events for students and host families so that they can get to know each other and exchange experiences. It is voluntary to be a host family for a foreign student. The host family provides food and accommodation. The other costs are for the student’s account or Travel Active.

Have you become curious about the other foreign students and/or the High School Holland program? For more information, please contact the High School Holland team via highschoolholland@travelactive.org, call 085 222 4810 or visit the website.

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