Electric cargo bike the new standard for cleaning professionals in cities.

Getting into the city with a van is becoming more difficult every year due to the council’s anti-car policy. Parking spaces are disappearing rapidly, parking itself is becoming more and more expensive and driving in the city center is at its fastest walking pace. In addition, it is also increasingly expensive to drive a vehicle on fossil fuel; the cost of a full tank is skyrocketing. Shortly said; a cleaning job in the city center is a real pain.

In response, cleaning companies are switching to a fully electric fleet of electric vans. However, this does not give you the opportunity to avoid the municipalities’ car-free plans. Parking remains a problem and purchasing an electric commercial vehicle remains an expensive solution.

An alternative for companies operating in urban areas is a mixed fleet of electric cargo bikes. These vehicles are thousands of euros cheaper than the electric van and are ideal for moving in crowded areas. With the electric cargo bikes, you can easily carry out tasks within shorter distances. The electric van can be used for longer distances.

Customers appreciate a sustainable solution

There are gradually more and more smart entrepreneurs who see the usefulness of an electric cargo bike. For example, an electric cargo bike contributes to a clean and green image. Unlike most commercial vehicles, a cargo bike or cargo bike does not pollute the air. In this way, you contribute to a clean and environmentally friendly solution that more and more customers appreciate or even have as a requirement before they work with a cleaning professional.

Recent research by Possible, a UK climate change advocacy group, concluded that a cargo bike emits 90% less than a diesel bus and a third less than an electric van. This calculation even takes into account the emissions of the extra food a cyclist eats.

In addition, as an entrepreneur, you can completely cover your business cargo bike and make it a real eye-catcher.

the cargo bike; the efficient solution for the city

In addition to the ecological benefits, a cargo bike also offers an efficient solution for reliable arrival times. You can easily cycle past long traffic jams, congestion or other obstacles on the road and arrive at the customer at the agreed time. A sudden emergency job is therefore no problem at all. Not only more efficient for employees, but also for customers.

Dolmans is one of the smart entrepreneurs who have been using an electric cargo bike since 2020. They also noticed that customers are increasingly focusing on the environment and society and were looking for a more efficient way of working. That’s why they took a big step and added electric cargo bikes from Babboe Pro to their fleet.

“Nine times out of ten, you can’t park the company car close to the site,” says Dolmans. “This means that things must be unloaded on site, and then the car must be parked somewhere that is often a few minutes from the workplace. In addition to work minutes being lost, you should also not think that you have forgotten something to get out of your car. With this cargo bike you can maneuver responsibly through the city, park on site and you will have no parking costs. So only pluses!”

Tax benefits and lower purchase price

The change to another company car or cargo bike is also largely a financial consideration. Fortunately, the Dutch government encourages investing in environmentally friendly business assets. For example, there are various tax schemes that make it attractive to buy an electric cargo bike.

By making use of Environmental Investment Allowance (MIA) and Random Depreciation of Environmental Investments (Vamil), your net tax benefit can be more than 14% of your investment. In addition, many companies are entitled to Small-Scale Deductions (KIA). For an electric cargo bike, you get a tax benefit of 28% of the investment amount.

In addition, an electric cargo bike is quite a bit cheaper to purchase than an electric van. Most electric vans are available from €25,000. You can buy an electric cargo bike from NOK 2,439. When buying an electric cargo bike for around €5,500, it quickly gives a tax advantage of more than €1,100.

Try for free for an extended period

To let you experience the pros and cons of an electric cargo bike, the cargo bike brand Babboe Pro is now temporarily offering a free trial. In this trial period of two weeks (value 150 euros) you will discover the possibilities of a cargo bike completely without obligation.

Curious about how an electric cargo bike can help your business move forward? Make
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