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The municipal information page Nu & Morgen is published weekly and contains all announcements and mandatory publications from Heusden municipality. Below you will find Nu & Morgen of week 30 and the archive of the last five weeks.

In Nu & Morgen in week 30 attention is paid to not enough money for your groceries, a happy life, La Vuelta, opening hours, reception of Ukrainian refugees, diapers where do you throw them away, the year’s biggest worldwide clean-up campaign, activities under 80 by Long Street.

Too little money for your groceries
Don’t have enough money to buy enough food for you and your family? In that case, you can complain to the food bank. The Food Bank in Heusden is affiliated with the Food Bank Den Bosch and surrounding areas. read more here

A happy life?
Johan has experienced a lot of insecurity in his youth and cannot talk about it. He has high debts, little or no income, has just been released from prison and is living with his father again. He has been through a lot in his life and wants his own place. If he wants to arrange this, he will run up all kinds of walls. Talking to the authorities is therefore very difficult for Johan. This is how Johan ended up in social work at Bijeen Heusden, who temporarily acts as a bridge between Johan and the authorities. Now he learns where his aggression comes from, but also to keep it in check.
You can read Johan’s story at under ‘Experience stories’.
Do you recognize someone in this story or do you recognize yourself in this story? Then look at or seek professional help from Bijeen via (073) 78 201 78 or [email protected]
*For privacy reasons, the names in this article have been changed.

La Vuelta
Now it’s really time to count down! In 3.5 weeks, on Saturday 20 August, the Spanish bike race will pass through our municipality between 13:30 and 14:00. We are happy that we can enjoy such a big top sports event in Heusden.
The route must be clear so that the field can pass through. Parking is therefore not permitted along the route from Friday 19 August at 22:00 until Saturday 20 August at 15:00. This applies to parking on the carriageway and to the parking spaces adjacent to the carriageway. The fan scheme is in effect.
At 12:00, an hour and a half before the field crosses, several roads will be closed to through traffic for 2.5 hours on 20 August 2022. You can read more about this and frequently asked questions at

Opening hours 25 July to 2 September
During the summer holidays, we have adjusted opening hours. These are indicated in the green colophon below. We also work all day by appointment only.

Reception of Ukrainian refugees
Several residents of our municipality have received refugees from Ukraine in their homes. There are also several volunteers who help by, for example, acting as an interpreter or providing hands-on services. The college in Heusden finds this a heartwarming gesture in these difficult times and expresses its thanks for it. read more here

Diapers where do you throw them away
Diapers belong in the residual waste. Unfortunately, we regularly find diapers in the PMD waste. Did you know that there are special containers in many places in the municipality? There you can dispose of baby and continence nappies for free. You will find an overview of where these containers are located at types under ‘Baby and incontinence diapers’. If nappy collection in public spaces goes well, we can install nappy bins in more places in the future.

The biggest global clean-up of the year
Do you and your neighbours, colleagues, friends or family want to make the neighborhood much cleaner? It is beautiful! Then sign up for World Clean Up Day. The more people who participate and roll up their sleeves, the greater the effect. Of course, we provide the necessary materials free of charge.
Got excited?
Take action and register via [email protected] You still have plenty of time to get neighbors, friends, colleagues, students or family excited to participate. In the registration, state how many people, broken down into adults and children, you are participating. Also indicate in which area you want to clean up waste. Don’t have a group but still want to join? Register as an independent cleaning assistant

Activities under the 80 of Langstraat
Do you want to organize an activity at 80 van de Langstraat? At you can read what you can organize without a permit and for which you need a permit. Do you need a permit? So do it quickly. You can request this until Friday 5 August.
Volunteers are wanted
Would you like to volunteer at 80 van de Langstraat? Then look at under the heading ‘volunteers

The inquiry and appeals committee see Nu & I morgen week 30-2022

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