‘Nick with that right for the 25th time’


Jubilee edition Show weekend Mariënvelde on 13 and 14 August

MARIËNVELDE – Organization and the public had to wait for two extra years, but now it looks like it can finally start: the Spectacle weekend in Mariënvelde. The 25th Mariënvelde Spectacular Weekend takes place this year on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 August. The event takes place at the intersection of Zanddijk and Zompweg. Saturday starts at 2 p.m., Sunday at 10 a.m.

The first two years running combines were immediately a great success. The third edition of the Combinerace by Motorclub Mariënvelde (MCM) was canceled due to excessive rainfall, weather conditions a year later were not much better. A mud puddle made combines uncontrollable and the race was abandoned, but Jovink and Voederbietels offered the organization the opportunity to organize a third combine race in August 1998 in conjunction with their Voederbietel Day. Great turnout and a perfect day. The following year, the event became even bigger and more successful, but it outgrew MCM. The members of MCM still helped as volunteers. In 2001, it was decided to go its own way again. Since then, every last weekend of the construction holiday has been the date of the combine race, later renamed Spectacle Weekend Mariënvelde because it includes more than just a combine race.

This year, the car rodeo kicks off on Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m. Many motocross cars will race multiple motos on the motocross track this afternoon to determine who will be the best autocross racer. There is also a special tricycle class that will provide a spectacle. When the dust clouds have cleared, the Dors

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