[Review] Ending: Extinction is Forever

The game Endling – Extinction is Forever is an adventure game played in a metroid-vania style, with an important message about the way we treat animals and the future of our planet. The game was developed by Herobeat Studios and could only be noted positively by fans of this type of gameplay. This game focuses more on the story rather than intense hardcore gameplay. So it’s definitely a game you should love. Who likes a deep yet calm story; simple gameplay and nice graphics, this might just be an interesting title.

An important message

Let’s start with what the creators of this game want to make clear by releasing this game, animals die; and fast. The reason you ask? The human, us. The game starts in a forest fire, as soon as you run away from the fire you come across a highway where you almost get hit. Luckily, our favorite fox finds a safe cave to hide in after all that trampling. Who does he meet there? Kids! How sweet, and also the last of our kind. In this game you have to protect yourself and the cubs from predators; and of course man. You’ll have to sneak around them or take the aggressive route or you’ll be injured and unable to run for a while.


How exactly do you play this game? Let me explain to you. Your goal is to collect food for you and your cubs. First, you move your fox along a pre-explained path with obstacles and loot. You can occasionally switch paths if a climbable piece of ground comes your way or a point to abseil. For these places you simply go up or down with your stick, this is only possible at certain points. Time is limited, you must be back in your cave before the time limit expires; so keep in mind where you are going back and whether it will take a long time. Foxes are nocturnal animals, make sure you collect enough food for you and your cubs before the night is over.

You gather food by scavenging for loot you come across along the way (hint, click R to sneak. Some loot will run away if you don’t!) or junk lying along the way. At the bottom left of the screen you will always see your kids’ food bar, keep it full for your kids’ sake. You can also smell like a fox: a green line goes to food, and a pink line leads to a human. If you have followed a pink line you can see an event that happened before at that location, usually from there you need to search for the next location to go to.


Endling: Extinction is Forever has a simple identity and clear art style (more on that later), which is also reflected in the tasks you have to complete in the game. You should always keep two things in mind. Is there a special event I need to attend? You should also keep track of your food bar. In addition to the aforementioned points, you are free to explore the icy world and enjoy doing what you always wanted to do if you were a fox!

Not for everyone

Endling: Extinction is Forever is now mostly a case of Animal Crossing, some love it while others find it too slow and boring. The game is mainly based on the story and the beautiful graphics. The gameplay wasn’t a priority and there isn’t much depth to how it works. What I am about to mention is certainly not everywhere in the game, but some obstacles in the game are very difficult to complete due to the controls not cooperating. Buttons that don’t work or work too late, a symbol without a clear explanation of what to do. Fortunately, this is only in certain places, and not very common at all; but it is definitely worth mentioning.


Graphically, the game lacks nothing, a beautiful art style that looks very artistic. It fits well with the serious message they want to give to the player, the slightly painterly way of designing their world fits well with this project. It is not a masterpiece, you definitely see the polygons (corners) of the characters; but this will only be seen by someone who is actively watching it.


If you like this kind of quiet gameplay, I would definitely consider giving this game a shot. It’s a beautiful, soothing and sweet game (with its dark moments) with a deep meaning. Some control issues don’t stop it from being an “indie worth checking out” status. This adventure-metroid-vania hybrid where you have to discover the world under a time limit and collect food for your cubs, earns a place in the Nintendo Switch stash of everyone who loves this type of game.

+ Great graphics and the style also fits the message of the game.

+ Simple game that is not difficult to understand, good for the enthusiasts.

+ A clear, deeper meaning hides behind the sweetness of the foxes.

– Gameplay can be experienced as repetitive.

– Some control problems sometimes break the empathy.

DN score: 7.5

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