What can you do in Groningen and Drenthe this weekend? Six tips for fun excursions

Look for coins with a metal detector at the Oertijdmarkt, visit the fifth edition of the Zuiderveen Festival, stroll through the Hondsrugmarkt, listen to music and stories on the experience trail or photograph the stars at the darkest place in Groningen.

Archaeology, minerals, rocks and metal detectors

Are you crazy about archaeology, minerals, fossils and geology? Oertijdmarkt offers a solution for lovers of everything related to this. In addition to more than eighty stalls filled with products, there are more than enough activities to do. How about the Dutch masters making fist axes? Here you can make an arrow or spearhead from flint.

Or come and paint rocks, pan gold, chop fossils, crack marbles or have rocks identified by the best geologists. Just take the one stone with you that you don’t know the name of. Kids who like to find old objects can also get started with a metal detector in a field full of archaeological coins.

The fifth edition of the Zuiderveen Festival

Saturday is here during the fifth edition of the Zuiderveen Festival performances by bands, poets and other performers on the programme. Bands such as Salt Water Taffy, Sponge & Thread, Gas Giant, Periot, Lik de Frog, Night of the Rhino and The Good Case are on stage at the Museum Collective Monster van Zuiderveen’s grounds in Winschoten.

There are also performances by various DJs, the poet Raymond Taams and other spoken word artists. The program starts at 1 pm and continues until approximately 11 pm.

Landscape, art and history meet

Landscape and history come together in Tidens Have by landscape artist Femke van Dam in Bunne. During a visit this Sunday, you will experience a new experience of time and space along sight lines and mirror sculptures. Van Dam uses the landscape itself, natural materials, found objects and mirrors to tell the story of a place.

The garden is constantly evolving due to the addition of new projects and thus constitutes the artist’s natural studio. The change of seasons also creates an ever-changing appearance. In addition to her art, Tidens Have has potted plants, perennials, a rhododendron border and wildflower meadow grouped by color.

Hondsrug market in the village of Berend Botje

In the village of Berend Botje, de Brink in a cozy jacket again with Hondsrugmarkt. The flea market and fair in Zuidlaren will once again bring antiques, curiosities and used items to Brinkdorp this year.

In addition to the flea market, there is space for the traveling exhibitor. The market can be visited on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Stories, poems and music along the path of experience

Experience stories for both adults and children in poetic or musical form. Along the experience trail, which can be walked in Smeerling on Sunday from 2 to 5 p.m., there are various performances to watch and listen to. There are stories by Fenny Nieuwenhuis and Susanne ter Schegget, Harma de Roo and Ids Vlieg show poems and there is music by Guusje van Deuren and Sjoerd Visser.

15.00 there is a short excursion from Gasterij Natural Smeerling to a historical place for a historical story. For children, a children’s story can be heard along the route, followed by a water activity. You can register for the experience path via info@gasterij-natural-smeerling.nl or 0599-312611.

Photographing stars in the darkest place in Groningen

In Noordpolderzijl, the darkest place in Groningen according to a study by the Provincial Environmental Federations and the Nature and Environment Foundation, a Star Photography workshop will take place on Saturday. The High Land is a great place to photograph the starry sky.

The workshop is suitable for photographers with SLR or system cameras that can shoot in M ​​mode. You should already know where the ISO and aperture buttons are. The workshop starts at Café ‘t Zielhoes Noordpolderzijl in Usquert.

You can find more excursions at dvhn.nl/agenda.

You can register for an event via uitservice.nl.

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