25 years with ICS, always looking

It doesn’t stop at Het Wegdam 2. First there was a nice renovation and then ICS Computers has existed for no less than 25 years! Time for Wegdamnieuws to knock on the door of founder John Pierik, aka “De Blauwe van Hengevelde”.

You started 25 years ago with your parents in the countryside. How did that idea come about?

It is actually very simple. In 1997 I graduated from Fontys High School in Venlo. Only then did I start thinking about the future. I then started working at H&S Transport, where I also graduated. This is to help a beautiful lady with her exam because I’m not the worst! This was completed in June of that year and I was then asked how I wanted this paid for. My father suggested that I register with the Chamber of Commerce. I did that retroactively, after which I sent an invoice for five months. This is how ICS was born
February 1, 1997. ICS stands for Intercontinental Services (coined by my father at the time)

At first I did many tasks of an agricultural nature (chicken, pig and cows) and I was involved in courier service. Everything was put away under ICS. I worked for a while at Twence in Hengelo via Loonbedrijf Pelle before selling my first computer in 1998 to the Doeschot family on Schoneveldsweg.

Father Johan and uncle Willy are busy with the renovation at Gorsveldweg

In October 1998, the move to Gorsveldweg took place. What was the idea behind it?

The decision was more private than business. Waste incineration activities were reduced and ICT work increased. We then renovated it in 2003 so that Natasja (girlfriend) could have her own kitchen table again. Until then, the whole house was full of computers, parts and other things. Natasha was completely done with it.

We can repeat the previous question regarding your current location.

In 2010, the building on Gorsveldweg grew its scope, and an option in the out-of-the-ordinary category was added, namely the building of Bridal Fashion Brinkman. The takeover emphasized my good relationship with Tonnie because he really gave it to me. My Irish friend Jimmy Corrigan opened in July 2011 and we moved on the 23rd of that month.

What are the biggest changes ICS Computers has undergone in the past 25 years?

In the initial phase, security, as in recent years against the hacks with the mega claims, was not a problem. Today, bitcoin makes anonymous payments possible. Developments in security have gained enormous momentum. ICS Computers is therefore committed to security to keep all these hackers and ransomware at bay.

Natasha and John

What are the highlights of 25 years of ICS computers?

The construction of the basement in Bentelo, because everyone was talking about the high hump of sand that came out of that basement. Literally a highlight, haha. The employees could go on for a long time, because they could not tell the difference between day and night.

The move from Bentelo to Hengevelde provided a number of purchase opportunities. The motto at the time was: ‘We sell everything with plugs’. We are now limiting ourselves to ICT, which means we are busier than ever.

What does your average working day look like?

It is difficult for me to specify, because it is very different. I am responsible for the finances (control of mail, invoicing and sales). I regularly do the administration in the evening because that’s when I’m most productive because of the peace and quiet.

Can you tell us something about the organization that no one really knows?

Compagnon Martijn Schuurman: “That we have a collaboration with the IPA company management. IPA guides companies with ISO certifications and in the ICT area this is ISO27001. ICS Computers extracts points relating to ICT from ISO27001 and advises customers in this regard. In this way, we are proactive and raise the security around ICT to a higher level. This is certainly an important thing to remember in this day and age.”

What is the core business of ICS Computers?

ICS provides, among other things, servers, computers, (online) workstations, backup solutions, VoIP solutions, IT Management, various Cloud services and Internet connections.

Due to corona, we have experienced a significant growth in turnover. People are no longer attached to the company, but can more easily work from home, as has been desired in recent years due to corona. Many home workplaces have been created by us.

What are you most proud of over the past 25 years?

Development of knowledge among staff. Our employees have taken ICS Computers to this great level. Always on the lookout!

Which company party did you remember?

The trip to Düsseldorf with the Reetmölle bus in 2011. We will definitely do it again. Party together instead of sitting statically behind a desk. Everything was right then. During the recent corona years, you will appreciate these kinds of excursions even more.

What are the goals of ICS Computers for the coming years?

We would like to grow to an organization with 20 employees in 2030. In addition, we focus on maintaining the quality of the staff and thus also the satisfaction of our customers.

Project manager Mahmoud Jaafildruk at work’

What makes ICS computers unique?

We are good with computers, but we do not lose sight of the well-being of the staff. Our employees enjoy what they do and radiate it to our customers.

What else do you want to say?

I’m a big fan of parties, so we hope to celebrate our 25th anniversary at Open Bedrijven Dag Hengevelde on September 18, 2022. Everyone is welcome!

Below are some more photos of the interior after last year’s renovation

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