The Schanskloppers in slimmed down form continue


‘We look to the future with confidence’

By Henri Walterbos

LIEVELDE – Notably absent from the traditional procession in Asker this edition were the Drum Band and Harmony from the neighboring village of Lievelde. Regular and highly valued ‘guests’ every year. “We have always enjoyed participating in the parade in Asker, but it was no longer possible this year.” Eric te Brake, chairman of the Schansklopperne, at the table together with the association’s secretary Henrieke Bleumink, who looks back with pleasure on wonderful years and above all positively looks forward to the new chapter in the association’s history.

Dense coating
The drum and melody group has stopped, and the majorettes join the vendelia. “In 2019, we had an anniversary. Then the occupation also became less, but everyone has put their shoulders to the wheel. Then we wanted to see further. It was fanatical for a while and then corona came. But honestly, we probably wouldn’t have managed that without corona.” The decision to continue in a slimmer form therefore does not come out of the blue. Also acknowledges Te Brake, himself a retired trombonist. “I am still chairman because I feel very connected to the whole club. We will talk about what the board will look like in the future. It should not be the case that the majority of the board are musicians who decide for the sellers and the majorettes. Stopping the music didn’t happen overnight. At one point we said ‘we want to know what we are going to do in 2022, because it no longer made sense to continue with such a small group.’ Everyone was at peace with it at one point.” “We also wouldn’t leave if at some point you don’t have enough people,” adds Henrieke. “With a small number of instruments, you can no longer keep it going, you can no longer perform. At the moment we still have a couple of majorettes. We hope that new grants will come from the elementary school in the new season. Then you can join as a majorette or as a seller, because you also have youth turners. It could be a good match .”

Own music
De Schanskloppers was founded in March 1969. “At a certain point, the salesmen of the then fair committee wanted to appear more often than just at the fair, because they liked it so much. It was only possible if they had their own music. Otherwise, they would always be tied to Harmonie Sint Willibrord. It was then that the harmony made music when the vendiels performed. The Venders also wanted shooting parties in the area, but harmony did not look like that at the time. Each vendor was then instructed in March to arrange ‘one drum’ each. It worked. In a few months they still had to arrange everything, such as suits and drums, to be ready for the fair in Lievelde.”

It turned out to be the start of a flourishing association. “Over the years, more and more flags and drums were added, later also lyres, and with the valve instruments we got a wind group.” “Wind traders also joined the club,” adds Henrieke, one of them himself. “In the mid-seventies, the group expanded again with a new division, the majorettes. It was quite a large group back then,” recalls te Brake. From about the same period, the association joined the Gelderse Schuttersfederatie. “Lichtenvoorde, Zieuwent-Mariënvelde were also among them, but most militiamen come mainly from the regions of Doetinchem, Wehl, Ulft. We do not have a security guard. Shooting in Lievelde is handled by the fair committee. We then began to participate in marches, parades and fur competitions at the competitions. In addition, we performed in Lievelde during the Lievelder fair and carnival, with the Sinterklaas entrance and we provided serenades. Outside of Lievelde, we participated in the Lichtenvoorde Flower Parade, the Asker Parade and occasionally also the fair parades in Beltrum and Varsseveld. It was always to fit and measure and adapt, because we have quite a lot of people who, for example, work in the healthcare system.” “At one point we had 70 ‘playing’ members, including 25 majorettes,” recalls Henrieke.

good band
“We still have a really good relationship with the harmony, and we always will, because now that we no longer have our own music, it might be an opportunity for our suppliers to beckon again to music from the harmony during the fair,” he said. Brake already forward. “During the last fair we were still finished, because it was a farewell. It was quite emotional. We received a flag tribute from our own suppliers. It does something to you.”

In addition to the standard bearer, the association currently has 11 sellers, a mix of men and women, aged between 20 and 58. “We are happy that we still have recruits, like majorettes, who pass as salesmen. We will create recruiting campaigns to grow again. We can look to the future with confidence, go to rehearsals every two weeks after the holidays and sit together afterwards, ” says Henrieke with a face that says ‘I’m looking forward to it again.’

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