€400,000 in stimulus funds for 9 cultural initiatives

The stimulus funds are made available by the provincial council in North Brabant. Kunstloc Brabant advises applicants and is responsible for the implementation of the impulse money program on behalf of the province. A total of 18 initiatives in North Brabant received grants from the impulse money program this time.

Witch hunt in Peelland

Witch hunt in Peelland is a project in which Bureau Franken seeks cooperation with artists, municipalities, BGTS Nature Park de Groote Heide and Van Abbemuseum. The result of this collaboration will be a route with six works of art along the most important places that have played a role in the history of the witch hunt. In the workshops, the parties involved will work together to arrive at a broadly supported route and selection of artworks. In addition to the route that the project provides, it is an example of cross-domain collaboration between different stakeholders.

Pennings Foundation

Pennings Fonden is a presentation and knowledge platform within photography, new media art and video art and creates exhibitions and an activity program aimed at professional photographers, the photo enthusiast, educational and amateur photographers. With the contribution from the stimulus funds, Pennings Fonden ensures a strengthening of the team and a better distribution of tasks, in order to develop the artistic and business side of the organization and to strengthen its function vis-à-vis the public.

Albert van Abbehuis

Albert van Abbehuis is a presentation space and workspace for beginning and more established visual artists and designers. In addition, the city is central to the programming. Now that the use of the building is secured, Albert van Abbehuis wants to strengthen his position in the city and increase his function for the field. For this, it receives a contribution from impulse funds, which it uses for the development of the artistic program and the internal organization.

Oort cloud

Oortwolk develops children’s performance that responds to children’s basic emotions and thus contributes to emotional literacy. A literary children’s book always serves as inspiration. With the first performance ‘Pretty Boos’, Oortwolk already delivered a substantial playlist. Now that the demand for these, as well as new performances such as ‘De Wildernis’, continues to grow, she believes that it is time to develop the organisation. To strengthen the team, develop a marketing plan and make collaborations more sustainable, Oortwolk receives a contribution from impulse funds.

water shed

Watershed is a literary organization focused on the talent development of writers, the organization of live literary events and the production of podcasts and other publications. Watershed tries to reach a young and diverse audience in an innovative way. In order to profile the organization even better to the public and make the range more accessible to groups with a physical disability in particular, Watershed receives a contribution from impulse funds. In this way, Watershed hopes to professionalise the business side of the organisation, to lower barriers to visiting events and to develop a profile with a national image.

Katinka Versendaal

With her project ‘TideTables’, which she showed at the Venice Biennale, Katinka Versendaal explored the environment through speculative gastronomy. In her projects, Katinka investigates themes such as climate change and biodiversity and takes the public on a food experience. Katinka wants to further develop the successful pilot in Venice. Therefore, she uses the impulse money contribution to develop a methodology so that the project can be rolled out in several cities. As a result, she hopes to connect even more important stakeholders to the project in the future.

Silent film festival

Every year the Zolderkamertjesklassiek Foundation organizes the silent film festival in Pand P and Parktheater Eindhoven. It is the largest silent film festival in the Netherlands, which is also characterized by in-depth research into silent films. The festival advises other parties working with silent films, it provides the public with background information and encourages musicians who want to develop in the accompaniment of silent films. In order to develop its function, the Silent Film Festival invests with the impulse contribution in technology, recruitment of a production employee and company manager and in audience research to increase the audience reach.


As a breeding ground for musicians in Eindhoven, POPEI strives to be a home base for all musicians. Therefore, POPEI wants to undergo a transition and focus on a wider range of musicians, such as producers, rappers and deejays. With the impulse contribution, the organization wants to redesign its rooms in order to better meet the different needs of the musicians.

Goeike’s Foundation

Goeikes is a biennial photography festival in the Helmond region, where images from both professional and amateur photographers are exhibited. The festival is free to visit, takes place in public space and responds to appealing and accessible themes. The participating amateur photographers are also supervised by professionals and teachers for a period of one and a half years as they create their photo series. Accessibility, coherence and cultural involvement are therefore central to organizing the photo festival. For previous editions of the festival, Goeike’s Foundation has realized a photo book and an exhibition through crowdfunding. Now the organization wants to use the contribution from the impulse funds to further develop and anchor the photo festival as a recurring event in the Helmond region and in Brabant.

impulse money program

With the stimulus money programme, the province of Noord-Brabant wants to stimulate initiatives that give an impetus to the sustainable development of the Brabant cultural system across: professional art, amateur art and cultural education. Makers, cultural institutions, governments, social organisations, educational institutions or companies that want to contribute to strengthening the cultural sector in Brabant and/or connect the cultural sector with other domains can apply for stimulus funds. This is financing with a lasting effect by means of a temporary impulse.

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