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Nouveau’s Marion Florusse has always been a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator (even when that wasn’t the case yet) because she secretly loves that genre. How wonderful that the movie star (and bodybuilder and politician), who turns 75 today, has no intention of giving up. Yes: He’s coming back!

Today, the Terminator must blow out 75 candles on the cake, which he ‘actually’ must not have. Arnold Schwarzenegger, in his three-quarters of a century, is still streamlined and well-trained.

He still trains as fanatically as he did thirty years ago.

“Just maintenance,” he says. But that cake will undoubtedly come anyway, because everyone loves Arnie.

love baby

It has also been different, because the Terminator has also had periods in his life when even his best friend could drink his blood. That was after it was revealed in 2011 that he fathered a child with housekeeper Mildred Baena. Her son Joseph was born 24 years ago, five days after the birth of Christopher, the youngest son of Arnold and his wife Maria Shriver.

With the Kennedy descendant, the movie star has a total of four children: Here you see the family in 2005. Half-brothers Joseph and Christopher grew up together in the early years of their lives, and Arnie’s illegitimate child – like his mother – grew up with the family. Joseph had the same privileges as the other children (read: gifts, expensive vacations, nice clothes, and more). It was especially gratifying to Maria, because Arnold secretly wanted his ‘love baby’ to be missing for nothing was understandable, of course.


Arnold Schwarzenegger won Mr. Universe, seven times he became Mr. Olympia, but when his deception was exposed, he fell from his pedestal. His wife filed for divorce after 25 years of marriage. The movie colossus licked his wounds and picked up his bags. But now it’s all cake and eggs in his world again. The relationship with his ex-wife and the bond with his children (all five) are close.

His illegitimate son Joseph Baena (in the gray shirt) even follows in his father’s footsteps. Who knows, he might become as successful as Arnie.

Without Botox

Last but not least… love is fine too. For years, Arnie has been fond of Heather Milligan, the physiotherapist 27 years his junior, with whom he shares his life. What more could a Terminator want? Well, work. Schwarzenegger still does well in all kinds of movies, especially comedies. Not least because of the endearing accent, as persistent as (for those who remember) the late Prince Bernhard’s.

It is not for nothing Come back! has become a winged statement of the Austrian/American star. Winged and true. Because Arnie really intends to keep coming back. “I don’t want to retire for a long time,” he said on the eve of his 75th birthday. “Maybe I’ll think about it in thirty years.” How many Terminator movies are there?

That Arnie, here with Schnitzel. wanting to continue making movies well past his hundredth isn’t such a bad thing in Terminator spheres. Everything is possible in that world. And they can do almost anything with film these days.

Bringing people (without Botox or fillers) back to their young selves (here Arnie in 1958), or aging them at will so they know exactly if and when to see the plastic surgeon.

Record turnover

Arnie doesn’t want to stop, we’re not tired of him yet. This is evident from the record revenue for the latest Terminator film (number 7), which earned no less than 29 million dollars. He can still count on his fans.

And so Arnold Schwarzenegger can rightfully call himself a blessed man at the age of 75. With his lover, his children, his job and – no matter – a reassuring bank balance of around 490 million (yes, you want to train for that), he can confidently say: ‘I have no regrets.’

It remains for me to say: Sir. Schwarzenegger, happy birthday to you! And please come back!

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