Data architect

Data architect

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA)

Job description

Supervision is human work, but it is impossible without smart use of data. NVWA’s work is rapidly becoming more data-driven. As a Data Architect, you ensure that NVWA can utilize data optimally, so that we can carry out our tasks even more efficiently and achieve even better results. Your work benefits our primary process and at the same time improves NVWA’s information position. An important and challenging role in which you can really build.

You develop methods and techniques to use data smartly in the organization and to get the greatest possible effect from it. You also draw up policy, frameworks and guidelines for the use of data, and you actively promote this policy. You do this very practically, in specific cases. In this way, you take colleagues in the business with you to increasingly data-based work.

In this position, you deal with numerous stakeholders, from the business and from the IV organization. You handle this flexibly and quickly switch between the different interests. You also coach and guide colleagues to jointly take ‘data thinking and doing’ within NVWA to a higher level.

You work together with your direct colleagues in the CIO office and with colleagues from the Information Management (IM) department. You report to the head of department in the CIO office, who is also the Chief Data Officer and chairman of the Data Coordination Board. Together with stakeholders from the business, this council sets out the guidelines for the data strategy and governance and for the NVWA-wide data roadmap.

You get a lot of freedom to organize your work and space to implement your ideas. We work hybridly: home work is the starting point, coming to the office is a conscious choice, for example for meetings, brainstorming and participation in workshops.

Good data governance is of great importance in this process. We are working on a future-proof setup and structuring of data. We do this right from conceptual models to the metadata as the foundation for our basic registers, administrations and the BI platform. Business and IT work closely together in IV chains, with a strong responsibility for customers when it comes to ownership and management of the change.

In order to contribute optimally to NVWA’s tasks, we are implementing a number of fundamental changes in the production process of the information supply (IV). In this way, we look wider than just the production of software; achievement of business goals and the associated change is central. The development in the data area is an integral part of this.

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Job requirements

You have good communication and counseling skills. You are administratively sensitive, customer-oriented, collaborative and results-oriented. With strong analytical skills and strategic thinking, you quickly see what is going on and what needs to be done in a complex and changing environment. Finally, you have demonstrable experience in developing, maintaining and operationalizing information and data architecture.

In addition, we would like to see the following:

  • A completed HBO or WO education, preferably Business Administration, Information Science or IT related.
  • At least 3 years of experience as a data architect in comparable game rules and demonstrable experience in developing, maintaining and operationalizing data architecture.
  • Experience with automation and the impact of changes on data and data management.
  • Experience in creating (domain) information models (from conceptual to physical data models) and appropriate data definitions, including metadata.
  • Experience in drawing architectures and knowledge of architecture frameworks such as NOVIUS, TOGAF, dynamic architecture (DYA) best practices such as DAMA-DM-BoK, NORA and the language Archimate, and you know how to apply this in an agile environment.


  • Organizational sensitivity
  • Analyze
  • Persuasiveness
  • Network
  • Situational awareness
  • Planning and organization
  • Creativity

Working conditions
Salary level: scale 12
Monthly pay: Mine. €4,092 – Max. €6,045 (gross)
Employment: Employment contract for an indefinite period
Minimum number of hours per week:
Maximum number of hours per week:

Other terms of employment
Where do you want to work?

NVWA is a committed, social employer that is active in a large and social playing field. Our work as a supervisor is central. The media, politics, business and Dutch citizens follow our work critically. At NVWA you work with social interest, your work has an impact on the safety of food, products, the health of plants and animals and animal welfare in the Netherlands.

What do we offer you?

  • An introductory program that suits your position with guidance from experienced colleagues.
  • Extensive training and/or coaching opportunities for your further professional development.
  • Where the position allows, we offer you space to work independently of time and place.
  • A pleasant working environment with the Utrecht headquarters within walking distance of the main train station.
  • Regular fun activities with your colleagues, such as our (now legendary) pub quiz!
  • In addition to the salary, you get an Individual Selection Budget (IKB). IKB consists of money (16.37% of your gross annual salary) and time. With IKB, you make the choices that suit you, and you can put together some of your terms of employment yourself. You can, for example, choose to have part of your monthly income paid out when you want it. You can also convert this budget into leave and vice versa or spend it on tax-friendly goals. The national government attaches great importance to personal growth and career development and offers numerous opportunities for this. Perks include various study facilities, company fitness, full reimbursement of your public transport costs for commuting and partially paid parental leave.

Special circumstances

  • The applications will be processed in accordance with applicable collective agreements, including the collective agreement for the national government and the NVP application code.
  • A Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) is required to work at NVWA.
  • If it is an open-ended employment contract and you do not (yet) have a permanent employment contract as a civil servant, you start (in principle) to assess your suitability with a fixed-term employment contract with a view to an indefinite period.
  • Clearly state in your curriculum vitae that you meet the required educational requirements.
  • The selection committee can obtain references, but will always coordinate this with you in advance.
  • An online screening via e.g. search engines or social media can be part of the selection process.
  • A competency test and/or an assessment may be part of the selection procedure.
  • A General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) comprehensive A or B screening may be a requirement for a number of positions at NVWA (including IOD).

After the expiry date, the job description and information about the vacancy will no longer be visible online. To avoid having to request this, please download and save the job posting.

Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not appreciated.


The Dutch Food and Consumer Safety Authority (NVWA) invites you to apply on their website. Via the button below you leave this page, you go directly to application form.
The state values ​​a diverse and inclusive organisation. Working in differently composed teams makes us more efficient, more innovative and the work more fun. Everyone is therefore encouraged to apply.

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