Markies and Summa College are taking steps to make school canteens more sustainable

Trolley with intermediate products from Markies Catering at the Summa colleague

School catering – A sustainable and healthy food supply, intensive recycling of residual products and donation of residual flows to urban farms in South-East Brabant. These are some significant ingredients in the collaboration between Summa College and Markies Catering on the operation of school canteens, which will start in September.

The catering company Bossche recently won a European tender for 29 school canteens at Summa College in Eindhoven, Helmond, Veldhoven and Boxtel with its catering concept CRAFT. Markies Catering has already worked for Brabant’s secondary vocational training institution in recent years. The tender process focused on making the product range more sustainable (including fair trade goods), healthy food and continuous innovation. Director Arno Goedhart of Summa College: “These are key points from our vision for the future of Summa 2025. We are pleased that Markies Catering provides a suitable offer.”

Markies will make use of local products as much as possible in the offer in the school canteens. In addition, food waste is closely monitored and the protein transition is implemented by switching from animal to vegetable proteins. This fits into a development that both partners have previously initiated. Last year, Summa College, as the first MBO institution, received sixteen so-called golden bowls from the Nutrition Center for healthy food in the school canteens. The school was also declared the first Fairtrade MBO.

CRAFT formula

Markies Catering’s CRAFT formula is consistent with the principles of Summa College. Minoes Borghaerts from Markies Catering: “Craftsmanship means making by hand. And practice a craft, learn a craft. This is what binds restaurant CRAFT with the students.” One of Summa’s wishes was cooperation with education. Summa has a number of hospitality courses, such as host, facility manager and independent chef. Students will soon be able to go to Markies Catering not only for food and drink during school hours, but also for educational placements and training days.

As part of the collaboration, Markies Catering will also become an officially recognized educational company, says Jan van Teeffelen, contract manager at Summa College. “The company trains three teachers,” he says. “With this ‘hands-on approach’, Markies contributes to the ambition to develop the student’s talent, to give responsibility, to become independent and literally get rid of the hands. Roll up your sleeves.” Borghaerts: “The students will soon not only be able to work in the canteens at Markies, but also experience the practical side of things at the head office and in the company restaurants of Appèl, the parent organization of Markies Catering. Then they really work with our customers. It is very good, educational, because it is a very different environment to school.”

X bus

New in the collaboration is the X bus. “With this electric vehicle, we bring residual current from the Summa locations to urban farms near the Summa locations,” says Borghaerts. “Initially, we try to process residual products such as vegetables as much as possible in e.g. soups, juices and sauces. If this is not possible, we know that the residual flow ends well and can be processed into, for example, animal feed or compost.”

Source: Summa College/@FoodClicks

Author: Steffen van Beek

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