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By the editors on 03-08-2022

EIBERGEN – Come and see it, come and see!
Cirkus del Brink is in Eibergen on Saturday 6 August.
Children (and parents) can take part in all sorts of fun activities in the square with a circus theme from 1pm to 5pm.

So you can jump like an acrobat on the bouncy castle and juggle like a real juggler.
To be painted as a clown, princess, lion or…?? Hoop and ribbon dance like a real circus dancer. Make a lap through the “piste” on a hobby horse.

Watch as the clown transforms you into a beautiful balloon figure. And snack on a tasty cotton candy in between. and much more fun. There is free entry. (offered by the entrepreneurs in Eibergen).

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Martin Koopman

Military practice and Berkelland
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Women’s ‘N18 drama’ at Haaksbergen is mother and daughter
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Women N18 drama Haaksbergen also had other injuries than just from a fall
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Injured woman from N18 drama at Haaksbergen arrested as a suspect, road released again
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The rabbit Nola is missing in Eibergen
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Cat found in Ruurlo
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Dead woman found at N18 Haaksbergen
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Food bank collection on Sunday 7 August in Neede
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Gerard Wesselink gives an organ concert in Dorpskerk
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Boender's Eibergen

Frats by Marcel Stroet

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Dikkedarer Contradictions
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Bas in the bathtub on the cross track of the Zwarte Cross

BERKELLAND – Last weekend Zwarte Cross took place in Lichtenvoorde. Many Berkellanders were present for the party, dance and race. One of the Berkellanders was our own Bas te Velthuis. He reported throughout the weekend through our colleagues from REGIO8 and Omroep Gelderland. On Sunday morning, a big dream of his came true, because he was allowed to take a lap on the cross course. The ladies he was driving with had found a nice place for Bas: in a bathtub behind the car. To top it all off, he was also allowed to wear a bunny suit.

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