Village breakfast Volksfeest Beltrum for everyone


‘There is nothing more beautiful than us as Beltrum showing what we can and do together’

By Henri Walterbos

BELTRUM – At the table in the Bleumink house, happy faces at the ‘breakfast table’ this Friday evening, with next to the master of the house, chairman of Stichting Volksfeest Beltrum (SVB) Edwin Bleumink, some men from Beltrum’s Mannenkorde, ladies from Zonnebloem department Beltrum, and baker Marcel Stroet who has filled the table with all kinds of bread and rolls. This to get in the mood of the village breakfast, Tuesday morning during the Volksfeest Beltrum.

“We have already organized a village breakfast for the last two fairs. It must be an activity that everyone can participate in. The fair in Beltrum is not always accessible to everyone. You are dealing with transportation, reaching people between 75 and 85 years is a little more difficult than other target groups. If you look at the parade, which has become intangible heritage, you talk about culture, and culture is ‘doing things together’. There is nothing more beautiful than that we as Beltrum show, what we can and do together Two years ago we contacted Rabobank and asked them if they would contribute ideas, ‘what can we do together?’ They then indicated that they wanted to support this financially. We have been promised EUR 3,500 from the cooperative fund. Then you want to do something good for Beltrum and especially show what ‘together’ means. Breakfast is a very good opportunity to invite people . I once sat at De Zonnebloem and you start chatting and then one thing leads to another.” José ter Woerd, chairman of Zonnebloem Beltrum, nods happily: “We brainstormed how we can get everyone, from 0 to 100, to breakfast. As Zonnebloem, we have access to the somewhat older people with a disability, and we also know, how we reach them, because we know them too. That way we are again associated with the organization of the breakfast. We want to ensure that that target group is present as much as possible for the village breakfast that morning, by approaching them, collect them if necessary and bring them back home afterwards. Transport shouldn’t be an obstacle. That’s what we always do. If people can’t come, we pick them up and bring them home properly.”
Volunteers from Zonnebloem come into action in a different way than years during the Volksfeest. “As Zonnebloem, we have looked after the wardrobe in the tent for years in collaboration with another club. This time, like last year, with choir Kiddush. With the money we make from it, we can make fun things for people again. You see more and more collaborations emerging. It’s just beautiful.”

‘Only more fun’
“We’ve been doing this with other parties for years,” continues Edwin. “Beltrum’s Men’s Choir has for years helped us with breakfast, with practical things like baking eggs, making coffee and the like. We already had a connection to that. Just like with Bageri Stroet, who always greets us. It all went smoothly. With the entrance to Zonnebloem, it only gets more fun. Celebrating Mass is meeting, talking together, having a drink together. We all do this together. That’s what it’s all about.” “With the bird shooting, we’ve always been there with the catering van. Then the breakfast was made, for which we perform the necessary manual and auxiliary services,” says choir member Jos Ratering.
Odette ten Have, Beltrum’s employee at Rabobank, is also pleased that breakfast is no longer an obstacle in principle: “We want to help create something in Beltrum where everyone can participate, regardless of age and whether you have transport, or if you have a disability. It is great that we can do it from the cooperative fund.” Edwin Bleumink is happy. “This way we can offer a free breakfast. You had to pay a contribution for the previous breakfasts.”

Cutlery bags
You can register for the village breakfast until the Friday before the fair. “We want to know how many people you can expect. We are going to hand out free cutlery bags as an invitation. Collection points are Co-op, Dute and Bakery Stroet. The people of Zonnebloem will receive it. They will be contacted personally. People must then take that cutlery bag with the breakfast as an entrance ticket. Then we know approximately how many will come. It’s for all ages. We want everyone involved, mixed together.” Breakfast starts at 10:30 and is in and around the tent. “We take everyone’s wishes into account. We hope that this way the village breakfast will be the start of a beautiful tradition. You just have to want to be there.”

Festunique has no restrictions this year and can be organized as usual. “We are doing the same as last year as far as the content of the program is concerned. The parade is on again. The great thing about Festunique is that we can go in all directions and say ‘what are we doing?’ walk or stand still, we go left, right? Because of the corona, you also see that things can be done in a different way. This year there will be central parking, in the meadow behind Jos Ratering’s company, in the heart of Beltrum.”

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