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Blog post | 04-08-2022 | Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Do you want to travel to England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland? Before your trip or holiday to the United Kingdom (UK), you must always check the travel advice, take into account the customs regulations – and bring a valid passport. In order to be able to relax on holiday, it is important to prepare well. Karel van Oosterom, ambassador in London, gives you tips on how to travel wisely.

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Karel van Oosterom: ‘The United Kingdom is a versatile holiday destination. Here you have fantastic cities and beaches, beautiful nature and culture. And did you know that it is a myth that it rains more often in London than in the Netherlands?’ Are you going on holiday to England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland? Then there are a number of things to remember:

ID cards are not valid in the UK

“Dutch people can only travel to the UK with a valid passport. This is because the UK is no longer a member of the European Union (EU). So you cannot enter England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with an ID card’.

What should you consider when traveling to the UK?

‘Prepare your trip well and always keep an eye on the current travel advice.’ In the travel advice, you will also find a checklist of things you must not forget before departure, such as your passport and good travel insurance.

Are there any corona regulations in the UK?

There are currently no access restrictions due to corona in the UK. But be aware that the situation can always change. So keep an eye on the travel advice: before, during and after your trip.’ In the travel advice, you will also find information about possible corona measures in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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St Michael's Mount in Cornwall, England

Picture: ©Ana Sousa via Unsplash

St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, England.

What can and must you bring into the UK?

“A lot has changed because of Brexit. For example, both the Dutch customs and the British customs have rules for what you can and cannot take with you”. This applies, for example:

  • medicines: check for which medicines you need to request a declaration in order to take them with you.
  • Pet: when you travel back and forth with your dog or cat, you must comply with specific requirements.
  • substances: not bring drugs into the UK. The punishment for drug smuggling and drug dealing is often much higher than in the Netherlands.
  • goods and food: Different rules apply to bringing goods and food from the UK to the Netherlands.

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Isle of Skye in Scotland

Picture: ©Connor Mollison via Unsplash

Isle of Skye in Scotland.

What should the Dutch do in an emergency?

‘If you need immediate help, call the emergency services via the emergency number 112. The embassy can also be reached at any hour of the day (24/7) via the Holland Worldwide telephone number +31 247 247 247.’

What can Dutch travelers go to the embassy for?

‘The Dutch Embassy in the UK is ready for Dutch travellers. For example, to apply for a temporary travel document (laissez-passer) if your passport is lost or stolen. We are also available for advice in the event of detention, accident or unexpected death. An embassy cannot offer financial and legal support, but of course we can always think with you and advise on how money can be transferred by, for example, family or friends.’

More tips and travel advice for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Don’t want to miss anything? Follow the embassy on social media. ‘In addition to travel updates, you will find information about interesting activities in e.g. United Kingdom. Especially if Dutch artists, performers or athletes are involved. For example, think of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August. A lot is happening again this summer!’

The embassy on social media

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Charles of Oosterom

Picture: ©Joel van Keeps

The Dutch Ambassador Karel van Oosterom in London, England.

Download the Travel app

Do you want to stay informed about the latest travel advice? Download the Travel app from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Customs. Favorite the UK and get an instant notification when travel advice changes. Also read what is and is not allowed in your luggage and what to do in case of an emergency. All information can also be found at

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(The text will then appear: Do you need a corona certificate? (digital or paper) The CoronaCheck app will open and the screen will turn green.)

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