Getir turns dark shop into supermarket, Gorillas promote art

Gorillas also use the dark shops to promote artists

Darkstores – In some cases, the municipalities want to ban darkstores from the city centre. Therefore, Gorrilas leaves five locations in Amsterdam in the hands of creative director, stylist, photographer and director JeanPaul Paula. But you can also, like fellow company Getir, transform the location into a supermarket.

The Getir supermarket is located on Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat in De Pijp. Customers can shop there themselves in part of the building, but the courier will also continue to deliver groceries from the building.

The conversion to a supermarket is related to the permit system in Amsterdam. The municipality has not given permission for a dark shop on the site, because the distribution center for lightning delivery is not a retail store in the eyes of the municipality. By now setting up part of the building as a supermarket with a cash register, the activity on the site meets the permit requirements.


Getir is not the only camera operator who has been criticized by some municipalities for the taped windows in the dark shops, the nuisance for bicycle couriers and the supplies. A number of municipalities are working to ban dark shops. That is why there are also delivery services that start a charm offensive. For example, Gorillas use artists in a number of dark shops. For example, the windows of five Gorillas locations in Amsterdam will be in the hands of creative director, stylist, photographer and director JeanPaul Paula in the near future. During the year, rotating works by various artists will give the art shops a unique look. The rush is started by the branch in Amsterdam East (Weesperstraat 61), where the artworks are now installed. The artworks of JeanPaul Paula will also be exhibited at the locations in Buitenveldert (AJ Ernststraat 799), De Baarsjes (Baarsjesweg 242), Watergraafsmeer (Kamerlingh Onneslaan 22b) and Nieuw-West (Koningin Wilhelmiaplein 33).

Source: @FoodClicks

Author: Steffen van Beek

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