Broad cultural program about love


BREDEVOORT – Anyone interested in exploring the theme of ‘love’ can visit Bredevoort from 19 August to 11 September. ‘The state of love’ in 2022 will be explored and highlighted with six different program components.

By Josee Gruwel

The theme was inspired by the performance ‘HE and SHE arrive in a boat’, which was performed by DORST Theater on the Grote Gracht in Bredevoort last year. The story is about a man and a woman. They arrive in a rowboat. he is rowing She speaks. Stuck in one boat on the water, they give an insight into their relationship, which has lasted 35 years.
The recognizable story of ingrained patterns got many thinking. What about autonomy, self-actualization and independence in my relationship, onlookers wondered. Merel Spikker, Pieter van Dijk and Arletta Albers from DORST Theater and Sylvia Heijnen and Annemiek van der Hoek from Koppelkerk discussed this and preferred to shed more light on the theme.

Trigger body and mind
After brainstorming sessions, Koppelkerk and DORST Theater now come up with a broad cultural program about love. It takes a look at how times change and love takes on a different meaning over the years. Heijnen: “We are more independent and independent of each other than ever because of economic progress, women’s liberation, secularization and advanced technology, but what are the consequences for love? This transition requires reflection and awareness, knowledge and experience. With a love exhibition, location love theatre, a love lecture, tango lessons, a self-love workshop and a love concert, the body and mind, dynamics and fields of tension that love can produce become visible and tangible.

Loving well starts with thinking well
Frank Meester kicks off the project on Friday 19 August from 20:00 with a lecture in the Koppelkerk. Meester is a philosopher, owner of Buro Fludo, writes for Filosofie Magazine, de Volkskrant, wrote books and teaches at The School of Life in Amsterdam. During the lecture, he takes those present on a journey to love, to the basis of a love relationship, then and now. While we now depend on emotions, religion and economic interests used to be decisive in the yes. Meester highlights questions such as: How does this change affect how we view love? What is the current state of love? How do we come up with ideas about this, and how do these ideas play into expectations we have of love? In addition to discussing the present, the speaker also looks to the future, where technological developments will probably have a major impact on our love lives.

Love lessons in tango
The Argentine tango is the ultimate dance of love. As with love, the tango is not about fixed rules, but primarily about the emotional and physical feeling of the other person. Dancer and tango teacher Lizelot de Stigter teaches those interested in the basic principles of Argentine tango on three Sunday evenings (August 21 and 28 and September 4) from 19.30 in Koppelkerk. She zooms in on body awareness, attitude, sensitivity, simplicity and clarity, sensuality, connection and communication. The course is suitable for all levels, for couples and singles. Van Dijk: “This is another way to find out how you actually work. You experience firsthand what you do.”

HE and SHE come up in a boat
In the romantic setting of Bredevoortse Gracht, visitors can experience the perils of a 35-year marriage from Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 August from During the light-hearted location performance ‘HE and SHE get up in a boat’ it is about a love relationship. Renske Marike van Dijk wrote an innovative text for the work, which was performed in 2021. Director Merel Spikker directs Arletta Albers and Pieter van Dijk in this moving ‘pas de deux’. Van Dijk, who also played the male character last year: “My role is more vulnerable because HE shows himself more through his internal monologues. Compared to last year, the text seems more straight in the dialogue. That was a starting point.” Spikker: “The piece is really different from the previous version. I have come to love the characters even more because this is how they show their vulnerability. It is now also clearer what wonderful mechanisms can develop between two lovers over the years. As I directed, I repeatedly wondered whether this was an absurdist or a realistic play. Now I think: it’s a realistic play, but very absurd things just happen in long-term love relationships.”

Does love begin with self-love?
Public philosopher, yoga teacher, author and program maker Stine Jensen will hold an interactive lecture in the Koppelkerken on Friday 2 September from 20:00, where she goes deeper into the meaning and origin of self-love. That night there is a lot of attention to experiencing and examining yourself. In a practical way, the participant explores the connection with himself and the other. Attention is key here.

Concert Aznavour
The singer Britta Maria and her band pay tribute to Charles Aznavour on Saturday 3 September from 20:30 in the Koppelkerk. The singer conquered the world with his ‘chansons d’amour’.
Not only Aznavour’s chansons are on the program, his story is also told. The story of the singer, whom France initially did not want to know about, but who eventually triumphed through, among others, Edith Piaf.

Heijnen: “We used to send each other love letters, now we send apps and selfies. In the past you mainly met the love of your life in the pub, now dating sites score highly. The language of love has also changed. Seventeen artists have started working on this. They show their work in the exhibition ‘The Language of Love’, which can be visited from 29 July to 11 September (opening hours 11:00-17:00) in the upper room of the Koppelkerk.

More information, including about the tickets, can be found at www. Visiting one activity from the love program gives a discount on the other activities.

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