Chinese trade measures against Taiwan over Pelosi visit

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China responds with measures to the visit of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. Chinese customs announced a series of trade measures against Taiwan on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Pelosi will speak with several people in Taiwan on Wednesday, including the chairman of Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC Mark Liu.

In response to Pelosi’s visit, Chinese customs officials on Wednesday announced a halt to imports of citrus fruits and some types of fish from Taiwan, while the Commerce Department suspended exports of sand to Taiwan. The Asian powerhouse condemned the visit as a threat to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. The country responded with a wave of military exercises and called on the US ambassador in Beijing.

“As far as I can tell, China’s military response is not that bad,” said US correspondent David Hammelburg. “There were all sorts of reports of, for example, Chinese tanks on the coast and warplanes screeching past. Everyone knows by now that Chinese rattling of weapons does not immediately mean that an attack is imminent.’ He refers to the fact that the Americans also have a large naval unit in the Indian Ocean. ‘Obviously all sorts of things are going on, if anything really happens I doubt it.’


According to Hammelburg, the White House has also not responded enthusiastically to Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. “President Joe Biden had made no secret of the fact that he found the visit unnecessarily provocative.” It is primarily the timing that annoys Biden, says Hammelburg. ‘Because because of the war in Ukraine, America is in a crisis with Russia. America’s hope is that China will eventually come to play a calming role. ‘Now the reverse is happening’, says the America correspondent. “Russia and China are turning on America together. Pelosi should have understood that.’

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In Congress, there is support and criticism from both parties. ‘A lot of congressmen think it’s a nice stunt and think it’s cool.’ Fox News has changed its mind about Pelosi’s visit, Hammelburg said. Fox News believes that Pelosi should have had the full support of the White House to encourage this visit. But a few days ago they thought the idea of ​​the visit was ridiculous and provocative.’

According to Americanist Jelte Olthof, there is certainly little criticism from the right wing of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. ‘This visit may also show that China is bluffing.’ Olthof believes the rumors of Pelosi’s arrival contributed to her decision to actually go. “Actually, they had to go through it. If you cancel such a visit after all the rumours, it doesn’t look good either.’

Hammelburg has the impression that China and America both want to forget this conflict as soon as possible. “The trade relations between the two countries are so great that they cannot meet so easily, even if they wanted to.”

Visit Pelosia

Pelosi arrived in the capital Taipei late Tuesday and addressed Taiwan’s parliament on Wednesday. “We praise Taiwan for being one of the freest societies in the world,” she said, among other things. She also said that new U.S. legislation aimed at strengthening the U.S. chip industry provides “great opportunities for U.S.-Taiwan economic cooperation.”

Chip industry

The Washington Post reports that Pelosi will meet with the chairman of Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC Mark Liu on Wednesday. Pelosi and Liu will discuss the implementation of the recently passed Chips and Science Act in the United States. That law frees up $52 billion in federal subsidies for domestic chip factories and makes it more attractive for a company like TSMC to open a chip factory in the United States.

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TSMC is the largest chip maker in the world and controls more than half of the chip manufacturing market. The Taiwanese company makes chips for smartphones, computers, cars and advanced missiles, among other things.

On Monday, Liu warned that if China invades Taiwan, there will be global supply problems, especially for chips. According to him, China cannot just keep TSMC’s factories running. “These are such advanced manufacturing facilities,” Liu explained in an interview with CNN. ‘They depend on a continuous connection with the outside world, with Europe, with Japan, with the United States.’

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On Wednesday, Pelosi also met with a former Tiananmen activist, a Hong Kong bookseller who was once detained by China, and a Taiwanese activist who was recently released by China.

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