‘Incredibly excited about Huntenpop’


ULFT – Huntenpop continues where it left off before corona time. ‘We can feel that people are really looking forward to the festival again,’ says Hajon Westerveld, board member of Huntenpop.

By Guido Kobes

The last edition in 2019 seems like an eternity ago. So much has happened, or cynically, so little has happened. Because the world was on its ass for a long time. Huntenpop also had to be postponed twice. Sad for the loyal festival-goers and for the organization, but they have no doubt whether there would ever be a Huntenpop again. “As soon as it was possible again, we wanted to accelerate again,” says Westerveld. And on August 12 and 13, the time has finally come. After a long time of preparation, the door can be opened again. “We are incredibly happy about it.”

Small changes
The omens are good. Ticket sales are going like a train, many say they would like to be there again. This means that Huntenpop was on the right track and so there is not too much deviation from the chosen path.
“You shouldn’t change too much of what’s good,” says Westerveld. The design of the festival site, for example, does not differ much from the design in 2019. “We have adjusted quite a few things. For example, we have slightly changed the design of the special beer square, so that people can have a beer there at their leisure.’
In the previous edition, this space had been provided with a stage, but that stage was actually too popular, so there was little left of the quiet space. Therefore, this year that stage has been separated from the special beer square.
Of course, music is part of that space, and it is now provided by the Vinyl Bus. ‘The name says it all: a bus where a DJ plays vinyl records, lots of 60s, 70s and 80s music.’
The stage in the former specialty beer square is now the fourth stage of the festival, which mainly features regional acts and talented bands, such as De Boetners, Darlyn, Diggeth and the winners of the Achterhoekse Band Competition Emma Luca and Dan Mango.

Foefel tent
The foëfeltent is a real addition. Foëfeltent is a successor to Foëfel Festijn, which has quickly made a name for itself in Ulft and the surrounding area. This started when some friends organized a joint birthday party that was supposed to be particularly unpredictable. ‘A fantastic party where (almost) everything is possible and permitted’, is how co-organiser Jonah Falke described the event.
Unsuspecting visitors were completely taken aback by the playful nature and chaos. This time the program has been prepared by programmer Bert Messing in collaboration with the creators of Foëfel Festijn. What will be seen in the tent, Messing is deliberately still a bit vague, but he wants to lift a corner of the veil. For example, there is a lecture by the monk Thomas Quartier, there is a draw behind circus fight, there are burlesque dancers, a performance by Liquid Love Machine, a speech by the author Hugo Hoes and performances by André Manuel and Rocco Ostermann.

Great actions
The concept of the festival remains largely unchanged. This means a broad program with exciting numbers for young and old. Pop, rock, metal, dance, Latin: there is an appealing band on the program for everyone. With big acts like Froukje, Goldband, Antoon, Snelle and Maan, programmer Messing has brought in acts that enjoy huge popularity among young people. Huntenpop will have four stages next year. On the main stage are Snelle, Maan, Laurence Jones, Danny Vera and De Staat.
The second stage is the big Zebra tent, for slightly more alternative bands. This is where the Spanish party band Muyayo Rif, Froukje, Anneke van Giersbergen, Mother’s Finest and closing track Goldband. The dance tent offers acts such as Partysquad, Feestteamet, Antoon, Mental Theo and Nakatomi. ‘For everyone who wants to dance and party,’ says Messing.

the restaurant industry
The hotel industry has largely remained the same. “We have been dealing with the same parties for years: Swinckels (Bavaria) for the beer, Terborgse Wijncentrale for the other drinks and De Timp for all the food,” says Ton Schreur, responsible for the catering industry on behalf of the board. The food is provided by De Timp in consultation with Huntenpop. ‘If we want a chip shop, they make sure there is one,’ says Schreur.
This year there will be something new on the menu. ‘We want to take into account as many as possible, so we will also have to, for example, make something vegan.’
Schreur recently signed a contract with Bayern until 2025. ‘Good contact with the brewer is important. Now everything is getting more expensive, so we are looking together at how we can manage it. Like the cups. In future editions we can still use the plastic cups, after that they will be banned. We are already discussing that.’
For the upcoming edition, the beer comes directly from Lieshout, the home of Bavaria, tens of thousands of liters. ‘Enough for a fantastic party’, Schreur expects.

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